First Time Grooming A Beard? Here are 7 Hacks To Keep It Simple

By Jay

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For first-timers, growing a beard isn’t hard. You just stop shaving and the facial hair will soon grow like grass. There’s an element of truth to this until it’s time for grooming. A full-grown beard will have unruly strands and a potentially rough texture if not moisturized well. Even for veterans, beard grooming isn’t an easy task. It’s swamped with a variety of skin and hair issues like acne, dandruff, brittleness, and so on. Here, I’ve scribbled some of the tried and tested top grooming tips for men so they can keep manscaping simple.

Remember that there’s no exact grooming tactic that works for all people. The following points may not work as much as it does for us, but it will surely help.

1. Get the right toolkit

Before you even start grooming your mane, make sure that you have the right tools for the job. You can read tons of tips, but without the gears that work, it would be useless. It doesn’t have to be a barber’s set. A box of comb, shampoo, trimmer, and oil would be enough to make your beard look tidy and shaped. But the thicker and longer the beard gets, the more tools you’ll need.

Invest on a bamboo comb with large teeth. This is way better than plastic ones that have rough edges. Also, you need a dedicated shampoo for your facial hair as well as a moisturizer if you have the budget. Balms and oils are for styling and you have the freedom to choose whatever you want to use.

Remember that beard products don’t work the same for all beards. You’ll go through an experimental phase before you find the one that works well.

top grooming tips for men

2. Start by washing

Now that you have the basic equipment for the top grooming tips for men, start by giving your beard a good wash. Washing your beard regularly is an important habit no matter if you’re just starting out. Food bits and skin cells left sitting on the strands and skin can cause irritation, acne breakout, dryness, and poor hair growth.

Using the specialized shampoo on your kit, massage the beard until it lathers. Rinse it well and pat it dry using a clean towel. Don’t rub your beard dry as if you’re petting an overly excited dog. It will cause frizz, snags, and hair fall.

Aside from shampooing, you can also use a conditioner. It tames frizzy beards, especially those that haven’t been groomed from the very start. I suggest that you use a gentle formula to avoid any allergic reactions. As this is your first time to grow a beard, your facial skin might have a violent response to new chemicals.

3. Don’t forget skin hygiene

Grooming a beard doesn’t just include the hair; it’s also about the skin beneath. A lot of men think that if there’s no need for shaving, it’s not necessary to do some washing. It’s actually the other way around. As the chin hair grows thicker and longer, the more that it should be cleaned. The skin beneath bears the brunt of dead skin cells, clogged pores, and excess sebum. If this isn’t removed, expect acne in the coming days or dandruff and intense itching.

It’s important that you scrub at least once a week to deep-cleanse the skin. You’ll be surprised on its long-term effect. There would be less ingrown hairs, acne, and you’ll feel that your beard is thicker.

Maintain an awesome skin regimen. Don’t do it whenever it suits you. Commit to it like how you practice the other top grooming tips for men.

4. Trim

Like a growing hedge, your beard needs pruning from time to time. Trimming is essential in manscaping even if you’re intending to grow more length. Beard hair grows at a different pace and the tips may have split ends. Snipping a few millimeters shouldn’t hurt your beard length.

You shouldn’t trim every day. Learn to know when excess length is no longer good on your face. Take time to examine the tips of the hair strands to check if there are lots of damages that you have to get rid of.

Trimming is important in shaping and sculpting the mane. If the facial hair is all over your cheeks and chin, get a razor and start shaping it along with your desired angle. Don’t use your jawline as your treading line. Otherwise, you’ll look like you have a double chin or extra curve. If you’re not confident despite these top grooming tips for men, go to your barber to have it sculpted.

top grooming tips for men

5. Train your beard

Facial hair will grow in different directions. Since it’s curly, it becomes harder to groom. The technique here is to train your beard by constantly combing and rubbing it. Guide the hair to the direction where you want it to stay. Soon enough, it will follow the direction where the pressure is exerted. It’s the same thing when you’re training your new side part. But if you encounter a snag, don’t pull it over. Untangle it with your fingers before combing again.

If the mane has unruly strands, you can apply a small amount of balm or wax for added hold. This will tame flyaways and keep the volume fuller. You can re-apply if necessary. Taming a massive beard can be a challenge, but there’s no stiff strand with the right product.

Make it a habit to rub your beard downward for added shaping. This added touch will make a big difference in a matter of weeks.

6. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

Of all these top grooming tips for men, one thing you should be obsessed about is moisturizing your manly mane. Beards can get dry and frizzy, especially if you’re constantly staying outdoors. It gets brittle too during winter months. Applying a moisturizing balm or oil will ensure that the natural sebum of the hair is intact. Products like these will also make the beard softer and manageable.

Right after washing and drying, apply the moisturizer of your choice. If you prefer using oil, use up to two drops to avoid making your chin greasy. Balms should be rubbed and melted between the palms before massaging to the beard.

Moisturize every day even if you don’t feel like doing it. Aside from the beard hair, make sure that your skin is treated to a hydrating product. This is just one of the top grooming tips for men that’s simple and easy to do.

top grooming tips for men

You can also moisturize from within. Eat foods rich in various hair growth nutrients like eggs, milk, nuts, and green vegetables. A supplement will also help maintain the health of your beard.

7. Don’t scratch

A growing beard is prone to itching. Since the facial hair is growing in lengths it’s not used to, it may tend to itch. This discomfort is normal if there are no other irritants involved. Some men tend to go back to shaving to ease the itch. But if you really want to maintain your manly mane, you need to endure it. If the itching is unbearable, you can use products to soothe it temporarily. You can apply oil or balm.

Avoid scratching your chin even if the itching is starting to get to your nerve. Your fingers might have dirt that will be transferred to the skin, causing it to itch more. Constant scratching will also cause lesions that when infected, will turn into painful wounds. If you can’t resist touching your beard when it’s itchy, just rub it a few times. But hey, pulling it is as bad as scratching too.

These top grooming tips for men with beards are simple and easy to follow. It’s just actually the basics of grooming a beard. There are more challenges to come on your bearded journey, but having a good start will surely prepare you.