5 Tips To Make Your Beard Grow Thicker and Faster

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Not all men are blessed with thick beards. Genetics, diet, and habits, all affect the growth of the facial hair. But this isn’t just about the length. Beards can grow long, but so thin that it shows the skin beneath. Guys often associate their beards to masculinity that’s why having a thick, suave one is to die for. So a lot of them ask: what can I do to make my beard grow thicker?

Many bearded dudes have tried tons of products just to stimulate more growth from their stubble. Dense beards are often the envy of many who also dreams to sport a perfectly groomed mane.

But why is your beard thinner than others?

It’s easy to assume that since you have a thin beard, some areas are patchy. It may or may not be. Some guys who are growing a beard for the first just have to get used to this “awkward” phase. After some time, more hair will sprout given that you have a healthy diet and the right products.

But aside from lifestyle, another factor contributing to the thin growth of your beard is genetics. Your genes will determine the number of hair follicles present in your face. It’s possible to have a lush hair on top of your head but thin on your face.

Whichever of the two is the reason behind your scarce beard; there are ways to get it fixed.

what can I do to make my beard grow thicker

You don’t have to start over

One myth about beard growing is you have to shave it to let it grow better. Starting over will just be a matter of length but there’s no way it will make the beard thick. Although this will be advisable for those who have damaged manes, it’s not necessarily a thickness booster.

When you shave, the hair is cut close to the follicles. This makes it feel coarser than usual so you’ll think that it’s thicker even if not. But once it grows back, there will be no difference.

What can I do to make my beard grow thicker?

Give emphasis on your diet

There’s no magic pill for achieving a thick beard. You should eat right to nourish your facial hair from within. Some guys lack certain vitamins and minerals that will stimulate more follicles to grow hair. Eat more vegetables since these are packed with the much-needed nourishment for your body. Also, devour foods rich in folic acid. This substance is responsible for the growth of new hair cells as well as collagen for the nails and skin. You can take a natural dose of folic acid from foods like nuts, cereals, peas, and greens.

Biotin comes hand in hand with folic acid. It’s a substance commonly found on egg yolks, oysters, fish, and beans. This substance strengthens the keratin structure of your hair strands so it won’t break or fall off easily.

Take it easy on your vices like smoking and drinking since it will take its toll on the growth of new hair. Smoking dries up the skin which will cause potential hair follicles to cease from functioning. Your beard may start to patch or thin even more.

If you’re simply unable to ingest the needed nutrition through solid foods, you can always take a supplement which takes us to the next point.

Consider taking supplements

What can I do to make my beard grow thicker? If genes aren’t the problem, you’re probably deficient in some hair growth nutrients. The likes of magnesium, copper, and vitamins A, B, D, and E are important in maintaining hair health. This can be paired with biotin and folic acid for optimum beard nourishment.

Even with all these vitamins and minerals you need to take, you don’t need to pop a handful of pills per day. There are available supplements you can purchase over the counter containing all these in one pill.

A lot of men don’t get enough nutrition from their meals. It’s the reason why some opt for a supplement while revamping their eating habits. If you’re dealing with patchy beards, a beard supplement will help. Your trusty multivitamin tablet might also work. It can stimulate hair growth in just a few months. But as much as a lot of guys succeeded in achieving more thickness, results vary per user.

what can I do to make my beard grow thicker

Before taking any supplement, it’s important to consult a medical expert first. This is crucial if you have an underlying illness or taking another medication.  Pay attention to your allergic reactions too since some supplements have soy and gluten content.

Oil the stubble

Beard oil doesn’t stimulate growth. But why do you need to oil your mane? Natural and essential oils keep your facial hair soft and healthy. It’s an excellent way to dodge beard dandruff and itching that can cause a myriad of other problems. But what can I do to make my beard grow thicker? If you’re in a hurry to make your beard look thick, applying beard oil consistently will make it more manageable for styling. Even if you’re currently lacking on hair strands, beard oil will do the trick of making your mane look fuller.

Just avoid overapplying the beard oil. Your beard will become greasy and flat which will reveal its thinness even more. A drop or two is the usual dose per day.

Oil is every bearded guy’s moisturizer. It’s a staple, especially if you’re constantly exposed to harsh outdoor conditions. If you want to make your beard thicker than usual, prefer one with jojoba oil. This oil is similar to the sebum your skin produces. It will make the beard look fuller and healthier in a few weeks. So what can I do to make my beard grow thicker? Use beard oil like you mean it.

Anyway, beard oil isn’t for everyone. There are guys who don’t like it due to the feel or smell. But enduring this little hassle will do your beard a big favor.

Exercise and sleep

Take some time to do brisk walking, cycling, running and other cardio workouts. It will help you break a sweat to help cleanse the pores and skin. But most of all, it will stimulate the production of DHT or dihydrotestosterone. This type of testosterone is necessary for better hair growth and hair health. DHT also enhances other physical masculine characteristics and maturity during puberty.

Exercise promotes better blood flow to your hair follicles. More nutrients are delivered so thicker hair will be produced. It also helps the body combat stress and maintain overall health.

Aside from helping your beard grow thicker, exercising also makes you cheerful through the production of serotonin, a feel-good hormone. You don’t always have to hit the gym if it’s not your thing. So what can I do to make my beard grow thicker? A 30-minute routine at home will be excellent.

what can I do to make my beard grow thicker

Remember to start slow and with the right warm-up. You can tap the help of a trainer if you’re serious about working out. Injuries are the last thing you would want to happen.

Practice proper skin care

Start where the beard grows. The condition of your skin will directly affect the quality and amount of hair strands the follicles produce. A lot of men neglect the skin beneath the beard causing it to dry and itch. Dead skin cells also pile up which leads to ingrown hairs. Ingrown hair happens when the hair strand is blocked from sprouting out of the skin. It can also happen when curly strands poke and block open follicles.

Perform a beard scrub at least once a week to remove the dead skin cells and other irritants on the skin. Stop relying on whatever drips down from your face when taking a shower.

If you’re acne-prone, be careful on choosing the products you’ll use on your beard. Make sure that it doesn’t have excess oil that will block your pores and worsen the breakout.

Avoid using regular hair shampoo on your beard too. Invest in a bottle of beard shampoo with a gentle formula and hair growing ingredients. After washing, use a conditioner or moisturizer to lock in the moisture. Some guys prefer oils or balms for this. Practice this consistently and you’ll notice a difference in the thickness and health of your beard.

Guys are asking: what can I do to make my beard grow thicker? These simple ways will surely help when practiced regularly.