Bombfell Review: What’s in the Box and Does it Really Work?

If there’s one thing tough guys find hard to do, it will be shopping. It’s either they’re too busy or they don’t know what suits their complexion and style. Mostly, they view shopping as a very feminine thing, the possible reason why many dudes just ask their girlfriends or wives to pick their fashion ensemble. Not until Bombfell changed the course of online shopping. They gave men their own space on the internet where they can shop ‘til they drop with the help of personal stylists. But does it really work? We’ll find out on this Bombfell review.

Bombfell Review 2021

Bombfell probably sounds like an awkward name, but it’s actually like the convergence of “bombshell” and “fellow”. Got it? Dudes whose only precious clothes are those that came from dot-com companies and supermarket freebies will definitely benefit from this.


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What is Bombfell?

Bombfell was founded by two college friends Bernie Yoo and Jason Kim. While they were studying at Harvard, they noticed that their wardrobe is filled with freebie shirts given by tech companies. After graduation, Jason started working as a lead engineer for various tech giants like Microsoft and Goldman Sachs. He also co-founded an e-commerce site that kept him busy and lacks time to even drop on the nearest department store.

Meanwhile, Bernie worked at MTV Networks and was tasked for the business development of Nickelodeon Games Group among others. All these snatched their time to get decent clothes.

Bombfell review

With their lack of knowledge about fashion and the time to shop, the two friends would usually ask their girlfriends to pick up their clothes for them. And that’s when the inspiration for Bombfell was conceived.

They developed an online platform where guys can sign up and have personalized clothing options with the help of an actual stylist. Their experience with tech work helped Bernie and Jason build an intuitive and user-friendly site that won’t eat up much time of the users.

Members can sign for a free subscription where they will be receiving monthly Bombfell boxes filled with their clothing options.

How to get started with Bombfell ?

After signing up for an account, you will be guided to a questionnaire survey so the website can assess your fashion needs. On this Bombfell review, here are some of the points we found out in the process:

  1. Describing your fashion intentions. Do you want to amp your look? Are you looking for advice? Are you helping a friend?
  2. Size. Bombfell will ask about the current size of the clothes you wear so they can send the right fit and prevent frequent returns.
  3. Your “dimensions”. You’ll be asked to provide your body shape, weight, and height. This is to support the size you provided.
  4. Fit. Do you like a relaxed fit or a trim one? If you’re not sure, you can ask the help of their personal stylist later on.
  5. Skin tone. The website has color swatches where you can choose the one closest to your complexion. Make sure to pick it right so they can select the right clothing color for you.
  6. Style. Do you like a preppy, casual, modern, or classic look?
  7. Colors. On this part, you can cross out colors you’re not likely to wear and include ones that you like.
  8. Brands. Lastly, you’ll have to provide them with the brand/s you’re currently wearing.

What comes next?

You will be asked to pick what types of clothes you want to include on the package. It could be shirts, polos, pants, underclothes, grooming products, and so on.

As you see, Bombfell allows customization in all aspects. It’s like shopping without even stepping out of the office or your house. The best part is you can do everything in a few minutes. A computer software will analyze the information you entered and choose clothing suggestions for you. It’s something that Bombfell review threads highlight about the site.

After that, their personal stylists will pick the items that will make the cut and send you a preview e-mail. From there, you can choose what you want to be included on the box.

This will be delivered to your door so you can try the clothes before giving it the verdict.

What if I don’t like what I got?

Of course, this happens in almost every online shopping site. Upon receiving the box, you have 7 days to try the product and give it a thumbs down or a thumbs up. But what happens to the items that I don’t like? You can send it back to Bombfell using a prepaid envelope for free. Make sure that you send your feedback to them too so they can improve their selections.

The seven-day trial phase starts the moment you sign the receiving form. Take note that only undamaged, unused, and unwashed, items will be accepted for returns. The tags should also be intact since they will be restocking it on their system.

And due to hygiene reasons, you simply can’t return underwear pieces and grooming products. As for the socks, you can send it back given that its original packaging isn’t opened.

You should pay attention to the preview e-mail that the stylist sends to you. If you don’t like what’s included in the e-mail, feel free to ask for more suggestions. You can also skip the month within 48 hours of receiving the email if you don’t want to receive a Bombfell box. Bombfell review tip: schedule it right if you don’t want to pay in surprise.

Also, if you purchased items from their “Final Sale” offers, you’re not covered by the return policy. The prices of these items are slashed deeply that’s why refunds or returns can’t take place. Don’t worry, Final Sales only run for a limited period and you can still choose items from their regular line.


The most crucial aspect of online shopping is nailing the right size. Bombfell sizing is limited to the Big and Tall Selection that carry the following dimensions:

Bottoms waist size: 38” to 46” (up to 36” for select in-seam waistlines)

Tops size: XLB up to 4XLB

Big sizing and tall sizing: XLT to 3XLT

bombfell reviews

In our perspective, this could be very limited especially for guys who aren’t within the usual sizing. It could be too big or small depending on the build of the dude. Anyway, Bombfell encourages their customers to reach their service line for further questions and concerns. This way, you can confirm if the platform can accommodate your clothing size or not.

Based on our observation, the Bombfell stylists give lots of effort in reviewing the sizing so you won’t receive an item that doesn’t fit. They also respect your options and they stick to the preferences you entered upon signing up.

How much does Bombfell clothing cost?

According to Bombfell review posts and the site’s FAQ, a subscription is free for Bombfell and you only pay for the clothes that you decided to keep. So when you return the item, the money will be refunded to you accordingly. The shipping fee is free as well. Anyway, you have to pay $20 for your first styling upon sign up then the succeeding styling fees would be added on your purchase if you decided to keep the item.

When it comes to the price of the clothing items, the average price point is at $89. If you find this too steep, you can tweak your price setting on the sliding scales. This way, the Bombfell system will know how much you’re willing to spend on a certain clothing item.

They also employ a “the-more-you-keep-the-more-you-get” promo where you enjoy discounts if you keep more items than what you’ll return. If you keep at least four items, you’ll be rewarded with a 20% discount; 10% off for two items and 15% off for three items respectively.

Bombfell review tip: The price range you’ll choose is the least amount you’re willing to shell out. If you still find it too heavy for your pocket, you can slide it to “No Thanks” to get the lowest pricing possible. You have full control of the price and items to be delivered. And if ever you’re not satisfied with the picks and you want to get some cash back, you simply have to send some in delivery quality.

NOTE: You’re going to pay the package in a per-item basis and not as a whole ensemble. Anyway, you can always set the price capping as discussed earlier.

bombfell clothing prices

Is this a monthly thing?

Basically, Bombfell is a monthly thing. But of course, not all of us can afford to pay for a monthly package that can be as pricey as $200 depending on the selection. You can always specify the frequency of the package delivery to one a month or up to once every three months. You’re always free to pause or cancel your account if you can’t sustain this fashion binge. Unless indicated, you’re going to receive a box every single month. The packages will be sent via FedEx or USPS and you don’t have to pay any fee.

If it happens that you received a FedEx Ground Label and there are no FedEx locations near you, just contact Bombfell and they will send you a USPS label instead. Just avoid paying for your own return label because Bombfell has no way of monitoring its transit.

Bombfell review reminder: If by any chance, you lost the label the platform sent, you should ask for another one. Never buy it yourself.

Sad to say, you can’t send Bombfell boxes as gifts to your friends. But you can send them a Bombfell gift card that’s equal to clothing kept once they sign up to the platform. Just head over the gift section of the site and purchase your cards.

Participating brands

Bombfell is continuously expanding their brand’s list, but they are currently offer clothing items from rising designers and brands (startups-help-startups thing). Some of the brands included on their previous boxes are Descendant of Thieves, Ben Sherman, 7 Diamonds, Maker & Company, Original Penguin, and Grayers. If you want to inquire for more brands, you can contact them directly. They promise to answer within 24 hours, and most of the time, they do.

Take note that they don’t offer any shoe items as of the moment, but you can still ask your designated stylist for recommendations.

Is it worth it?

Well, if you’re busy and you want to skip the fuss of personal shopping, Bombfell is a recommendable platform. This startup is able to offer their service for a meager amount through affiliate links where they get to save serious bucks from marketing. If you’re thinking of buying anything, you might as well check Bombfell review posts first so you can save more and help the platform.

Commonly, sizing is the issue when it comes to online purchases. But if you communicate with the stylist, you can find the right fit. Besides, you have the freedom to return the items if you’re not satisfied. Just make sure that you understand the terms.

Things we wish are included

Overall, we’re impressed with the idea of Bombfell and the personalization they offer through stylists. Take note, these are real people and not just machine learning bots. You can get recommendations regardless if the item is currently offered or not.

Still, we wish that the sizing has a wider range to cater more guys. It will also be great if the pricing will be streamlined since too much variety can be too confusing at times. Still, this can be a good thing for some.

We also wish that PayPal, Apple Pay, and Venmo be incorporated as means of payment aside from the usual debit and credit card.

Most of all, it would be cool if Bombfell will start offering women apparel. Of course, they welcome everyone to avail of their service, but the selections are undeniably limited to men.

What do you think of this Bombfell review? We hope that this helped you decide if Bombfell is worth the money to amp your bearded look. If you have thoughts, we’ll be glad to read it below.

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