Best Beard Gift Set For Every Beardsman

By Jay

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Do you have a beardsman friend? Whether they admit it or not, beard dudes have an obsession to their fuzz. They will scout for products online and exhaust all means to make their scruff look suave. A little vanity won’t hurt, though. So if you want to surprise the beardsman on his birthday or any other occasion, a beard gift set will never fail you.

There are many occasions all year round and racking your mind of gift ideas is tiring. This is especially true if you are a beardsman lover. You have to be personal and you have to get it right.

To help you out, we listed here some of the items you can add on your gift set.

1. Beard oil

Beard oil – every bearded guy’s staple. This product has a number of uses for every beardman. It can be used as a moisturizer, softener, and shaper depending on the type of fuzz. Beard oil usually comes in small bottles that can be tucked on the pocket which makes it a very useful choice for a gift. Usually, a bottle can last up to three months.

If there’s a scent you and your beardsman love, you can look for a beard oil product with the same aroma. Just make sure that the oil is lightly scented so it won’t be too overwhelming to the nose. Or if you want to make sure, ask about the brand he’s using for his beard.

Best choices: Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil, Ranger Grooming Beard Oil

beard gift set

2. Beard comb

Like how girls with long locks can’t live without a nice brush, bearded dudes also need a comb to keep their scruff tidy. It’s a handy tool to remove tangles and dirt that accumulated on the beard. Take note that beard combs come in different shapes, sizes, and materials. You can get a combination for your beard gift set if you want to be sure.

But for the best bet, opt for a wooden comb. This is better for the beard since it prevents static buildup and it doesn’t have rough edges like plastic ones. It can last a lifetime too given that it comes with a case. If you don’t have a big budget, you can purchase a double action comb or two pieces with wide and fine teeth.

Best choices: Viking Revolution Dual Action Wooden Comb, Kent Handmade Mustache/Beard Comb

3. Styling balm/wax

Next to beard oil, styling putties are necessities too. These are used for styling and shaping the beard with added moisturizing effect. It keeps the beard in place and with an added shine to prevent dullness and dryness. Unlike hair gels or sprays, beard balms and waxes are formulated for sensitive skin and facial hair. This can be scented or unscented depending on your beard gift set choice.

If your beardsman has a full and long beard, beard putty is a popular choice. Just make sure that he likes the scent you’re getting as well as the level of hold. Be careful of waxes as it can have a pretty strong hold that the bearded guy may not want. The safest bet is a mild hold so it can be used together with other products. But if you have extra cash, I suggest that you get two to three variations.

Best choices: Honest Amish Beard Balm, Urban Nomads Strong Hold Beard Wax

4. Boar brush

For bearded guys with very long and lush beard, a boar brush is almost an indispensable tool. The bristles, compared to comb teeth, are softer and can glide through snags. It also nice to use when shaping the beard or when spreading an oil product. A boar brush can be used to massage the skin beneath to trigger production of more natural sebum. Mostly, it’s also a grime and dust remover.

So why would you get a comb if you can simply stick to the brush? Well, beard brushes can’t be used when the scruff is wet. A comb will come handy for this purpose or if your guy wants a convenient hatchel.

Take note that there are boar brushes made specifically for the beard. Don’t purchase just any other hair brush for your beard gift set since it might damage the strands.

Best choices: ZilberHaar Beard Brush, Smooth Viking Beard Comb & Brush

beard gift set

5. Shampoo and conditioner

All bearded guys need a beard wash and conditioner. It will keep their scruffs clean and soft especially during very hot and cold days. Unlike the usual shampoo or conditioner for the head hair, beard washes are formulated with gentle moisturizers that won’t irritate the skin. If your bearded man keeps on stealing your shampoo, you can send him this gift.

Make sure that you pick an all-natural formula to reduce the chance of irritation. I don’t recommend going big with the bottles right away. Get a smaller one and see if the bearded dude would love it. Match it with a softener for the best results. There are commercial options nowadays that come in pairs so you wouldn’t have a hard time shopping.

Best choices: Polished Gentleman Shampoo and Conditioner

6. Nice spectacles

After all the good stuff for the beard, a nice pair of spectacles will be the highlight of your gift set. A soft beard paired with dark tint glasses add up to the mystery. If your beardsman like certain eyeglasses, you can get one and surprise him with it on the box.

The good thing about this addition is it can be used all year long. Still, this is optional if you have a strict budget.

A beard gift set doesn’t get old when it comes to surprising a bearded guy. Just make sure that all you put into it are suited for his preference and beard type. You can pick a variety of products depending on your budget, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. As far as I know, bearded guys will appreciate even a bottle of smooth oil.