Tried and Tested Beard Hair Straightener and Softener

Enjoying the best of both worlds of having a straight and soft mane is every guy’s dream. Most of the time, beardsmen struggle with frizziness and too much curling of their mane. There are tons of ways other bearded dudes swear by, but it doesn’t always work its magic. Some scruffs can be straight, but a bit coarse to touch and the other way around. The goal here is to straighten beard hair while maintaining a soft texture.

Lucky are the guys who have naturally soft beards. But for those who are tussling with their stubborn beard strands, they can make use of the following straightening and softening techniques.


You may not be a swaggy guy, but for your beard to be soft and straight, you have to spare some minutes of vanity. You have to shampoo your beard regularly to remove dirt and grimes. But this isn’t like letting the lather drip down from your head. You have to use a shampoo formulated specifically for the beard. This product has milder ingredients than the one you use on your crown.

Aside from washing your mane, shampoo also helps invigorate the hair follicles by removing salt deposits from sweating. When it comes to your beard, nothing is too clean. Wash it multiple times a day if need be or at least three times a week if you’re not getting rugged outdoors.


Your beard becomes frizzy and coarse because you don’t let it “drink”. Our hair needs enough moisture to grow softer, so it justifies the obsession with various beard oils and balms. After washing your beard, massage a few drops of oil to straighten beard hair. Use a wooden comb to spread the moisturizer equally among the strands. You can use as much amount as you want, but be careful not to make your beard look greasy.

Aside from beard oil, you can use multi-tasking beard balms that can be used for shaping and moisturizing. Usually, these balms contain the same oil but with added ingredients like honey, beeswax, and different organic butters. However, this can be challenging to apply as some balms can be very thick.

Organic solutions

Some beard products are total steals. So if you don’t have the money to spare, you can use some stuff you can find at home to soften your scruff.

The number one remedy that you can use is Aloe vera. This plant is loaded with a natural gel that is a staple of tons of beauty products. You can apply fresh Aloe vera gel to your beard and skin to prevent dandruff. Doing this regularly will make your mane soft.

Another option is the combination of honey and lime juice. Mix a few teaspoons of honey and a small amount of lime then apply it to your beard. Make sure to wash this treatment with cold water afterward to straighten beard hair.

If you’re into hydrating serums, the closest thing you can get at home is olive oil. Just make that it’s pure and fresh.

Proper drying

Shampooing and conditioning your beard will surely make a difference on its texture and straightness. However, one saboteur is the way you dry the fuzz. Jiggling it with a towel will cause hair fall and it will make the strands coarser.

If you are to dry your beard, you can use a blow dryer with the lowest heat setting. This will remove the moisture fast and if you comb while drying, it will straighten the beard as well. While you itch to finish the task done, avoid adjusting to a higher heat setting. The extreme temperature will damage the hair follicles and it will cause the natural hair oils to dry.

My best advice would be to dry the beard in front of an electric fan. Too traditional, but safer than using heat.


Do you know that simply combing your beard regularly can make it straighter? This is just a matter of training the beard to grow downward. When you comb or brush, always do it to the direction where you want the hair to stay. This pressure will soon accumulate and force the hair to bend.

Anyway, you don’t have to sit there and count 100 glides. Two minutes of gentle combing or brushing is enough to straighten beard hair and stimulate the production of natural sebum. I advise that you bring the comb in your pocket so you can re-comb once the beard gets tousled.

One last reminder: don’t brush your beard when it’s wet. Boar brushes are meant for shaping once the scruff is bone dry from the shower.

Eat right

Your beard is what you eat! Switching to a better diet will not just impact your physical health, but it will also keep your facial hair in check. Add eggs, orange juice, nuts, raisins, and more to your meals since these food items promote hair growth. But as you eat, watch out for those tiny bits that may fall to your mane.

Quit your vices like smoking. The smoke that comes out from cigarettes is reeking with toxins that won’t just dry the hair but also the skin beneath.

Stroke it

Stroking your beard is an effortless and undemanding method of training the scruff to grow straight. Gently stroke it downward and try to remove minor snags along the way. Don’t pull the beard just for the sake of making it straight fast. It will only cause hair fall and skin pain.

Just make sure that your hands are clean before you start massaging your scruff. Your beard has no use for that extra cheese from your bag of Doritos.

Knowing how to straighten beard hair can be easy for those who are born with fine locks. But for guys with curly hair, more patience is required. You can make use of the tips we discussed here on how to deal with curly beards. Remember that it’s a process and might take days before you finally kiss the curls goodbye.