Mistakes You Do When Straightening Curly Hair – Careful Here!

Hair products and a little heat, what could go wrong? For men, hair straightening isn’t supposed to be time-consuming. But those who are born with wavy hair are well aware that it takes tons of products and methods to find out what actually works. Curly hair is tied with genetics. There’s nothing else that can stop it from growing the way it is unless it tames over time. This is the reason why guys blessed with the waves know how to straighten curly hair.

It’s difficult at the beginning, but once you get the hang of it, you can accomplish it in a quicker time. But if it’s been months and your hair is still curly or had become frizzy, there’s something wrong with your methods. You might be doing the following:

1. Using a plethora of products

Applying too much straightening product can make your hair greasy or dry. Some hair products are blended with artificial chemicals which will strip natural oils of the scalp. And if you apply multiple treatments, you’re exposing your hair to more damage. Sticking to one or two hair straighteners or moisturizers are enough. If the product you’re currently using requires you to purchase another one, it may not have enough nourishing ingredients.

Always check if the product you intend to use suits your hair type. A product used to treat fine hair wouldn’t work since you have coarse locks.

how to straighten curly hair

2. Too much heat

A lot of men resort to using flat irons as a way on how to straighten curly hair and beard. This is a quick fix. However, it subjects the hair strands to extreme temperatures that will fry it off of oil and moisture. Wrong temperature setting is another culprit to the problem. If you can’t avoid using a flat iron, get one with multiple heat settings. Aside from being coarse, your hair might already be brittle and intense heat will be a surefire way to make it even frizzier.

Apply a heat protectant first before using a flat iron or even a hairdryer. Also, don’t iron wet hair. If it starts to sizzle, stop and wait until your hair is bone dry. The boiling water will cause the hair to get cooked and be damaged beyond repair.

Avoid using flat irons on your beard. It may work, but the damage is appalling.

3. Rugged towel drying

Jiggling hair with a towel after a shower is common practice among men. It’s a quick way to remove the dripping water off. However, this method of drying causes tiny tears on the hair strand and it will cause more hair to fall. If you want to dry your hair with a towel, pat your head gently and comb it multiple times.

If you can, avoid using hair dryers. The heat, even though less intense than a flat iron, can still dry the hair if used every day.

4. Using conventional combs

A curly hair is prone to snags. Using conventional combs made of plastic will result in a battle with your tangled hair. The pulling force will stress the hair follicles and damage the strands. To make it simple, use a wide-tooth wooden comb. These are made for wavy hairs and it doesn’t have rough edges that plastic ones usually have. It’s the best on how to straighten curly hair.

If you still encounter kinks, run your fingers through it and try to wiggle the tangles. Using a pea-size amount of balm should fix the problem.

5. Not washing enough or washing too much

A lot of men don’t pay attention to the value of using the right shampoo and washing their hair right. If you have thick, curly hair, it becomes crucial to wash your hair regularly. The waves can catch dirt and trap it on the scalp. It will cause itching that will stop you from using straightening products.

However, don’t wash your hair too much. Shampoo cleanses the scalp but it also removes a lot of natural sebum necessary for hair health. If your curls are too dry, it would be difficult to straighten.

6. Skipping conditioners

So you shampoo, rinse, then it’s done. You wiggle your hair violently with a towel and proceed to apply a hair straightening product. Remember that the key to straightening a curly crown is keeping it as soft as possible. Soft and moisturized curls are easier to tame using mild heat or combing.

Applying conditioner after shampooing is very important if your hair is subjected to lots of styling. It will supply the needed nourishment that’s been stripped off in the process. It’s one way on how to straighten curly hair.

how to straighten curly hair

7. Dyeing endlessly

Do you use your curls for self-expression? If you love dyeing your hair, there’s a chance that it’s harboring damage and frizz. More so if you’re coloring it by yourself. If you’re straightening your hair while changing colors from time to time, you’re causing a double whammy of hair issues. Your locks will become brittle and unmanageable.

There’s nothing wrong about dyeing. Just make sure that you’ll stick to the color you chose for a few months. It’s much better to pay a professional to do the coloring and straightening.

8. Straightening every day

Straightening your curly hair every single day isn’t healthy, especially if you’re using a combination of flat irons, hair dryer, and products. Most of the time, straighteners are used at a maximum of three times a week for the best results. Heat and chemicals are taxing to the hair. If you apply it daily, you’re going to face more problems in the future.

As much as you want to speed up the process, you have to be patient if you want a safe method. Take it easy with heat and be meticulous about the products you apply to your hair. Ways on how to straighten curly hair don’t have shortcuts so be patient and you’ll soon have finer locks.