How To Grow Your Beard Naturally At Home – 12 Guaranteed Ways

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Are you one of those guys who aren’t apt to join beard clubs and go to stylists just to grow a manly mane? Not all guys would have the budget to afford hair transplants that can cost as much as $7,000. If you’re someone who’s having difficulty stimulating the growth of your stubble, you don’t have to fret. You just have to know how to grow your beard naturally at home with the help of some natural remedies or commercial products.

Growing a beard is sometimes a statement of masculinity. Guys who want to say goodbye to their “baby faces” opt to grow some chunk of hair on their chin. But sometimes, the beard tends to be patchy, and even if long enough, it’s rough to touch.

If you want to fix the problem on your own and within the comfort of your home, here are some natural ways I can offer you to practice:

1. Start with a healthy skin

Here’s one thing most guys fail to address. Hair growth won’t happen if the follicles are blocked with dirt. Make sure that you start the bearded journey with a healthy skin by exfoliating at least once a week. That way, the dead skin cells would be removed, stimulating the growth of more facial hair. When washing your face, choose a gentle soap or shampoo and water. Depending on the instructions, these facial wash products can be used twice a day, in the morning and before bedtime.

how to grow your beard naturally at home

By removing the irritants and daily dirt, you can help your skin easily more strands. It’s how to grow your beard naturally at home. One of the best beard shampoos I can recommend is the Polished Gentleman. It’s a pair of all-natural shampoo and conditioner that’s formulated to rapidly grow your beard. This product is very affordable and will last a few weeks of use.

2. Let the damage repair itself

Our skin and hair follicles experience damages every day. These tiny tears are unnoticeable but it will take its toll on your hair growth if you don’t let it heal. You simply have to get a restful sleep each night to let the skin regenerate and the hair follicles to recover.

Medical professionals have long been stressing the effect of sleep on hair growth. Lack of sleep and poor sleeping patterns can cause stress. This can be long-term if you keep on sticking to poor sleep cycles. Aside from halted beard growth, lack of sleep would also affect your overall wellness. It will just frustrate the hell out of you and add up to your stress levels.

One thing you should know is that our body has its own way of healing. Doing your part will ensure that your beard will grow fast and naturally.

3. Pack up on vitamins

A majority of men who are having trouble growing their beard usually experience nutrient deficiencies. This might also be the case for you. When trying to grow your beard naturally, make sure that you pack up with vitamins A, C, E, and biotin. All these contribute to uplifting the health of your skin and stimulating hair growth from within. It’s how to grow your beard naturally at home without any pharmaceutical substances.

One of the best choices for a supplement is the Maverick Essentials Hair Elixir. It’s complete with necessary vitamins and substances like saw palmetto, biotin, and folic acid that are powerful hair growth agents. Since this supplement has all-natural ingredients, you have nothing to worry about unless you have a bad case of allergies.

A testosterone-stimulating supplement will also be effective since this hormone also triggers hair growth. Just make sure that you don’t have any underlying illness before taking any pill. Anyway, most of these supplements are relatively safe.

how to grow your beard naturally at home

4. Eat right

No matter how many supplements you take or oils you massage to your beard, the hair growth won’t be fast without nourishing from within. Like what they said, “Eat for the beard”. Although you’ll be popping vitamin pills every day, it’s important that you get your nourishment from solid foods. Supplements are just aids to what’s lacking on your food intake, it’s not an absolute solution to the beard problem.

Some say that a high-fat and carb diet paired with a medium serving of protein is the best for beard growth. Although this will work for a lot of men, it’s not a one-solution-fits-all kind of routine. It’s how to grow your beard naturally at home but not a guaranteed solution either.

A lot of men recommend that you ingest your protein through animal sources like dairy products, meat, and the likes. Take note that some supplements have to be taken with food. Failure to do so will cause stomach aches or diarrhea.

5. Manage stress

I know that you’ve seen this part on your friends who are burning the midnight oil at work. Their receding hairline is the physical manifestation of extreme stress. If you don’t manage your own stress levels, your beard isn’t far from experiencing the same.

One way to deal with stress is to exercise. No matter how lazy you feel, drag your butt to the gym and do some cardio. Exercising releases serotonin, a feel-good hormone that helps fight off stress and poor sleep cycles. Your beard gives you a good reason to hit the gym. It doesn’t just trigger hair growth, it also maintains your overall wellness.

Also, sweating during exercise helps the pores flush out trapped dirt. This means that your skin will be healthier and less likely to experience breakouts. Chilling out after a tiring day will also be a great way to ease the steam engine in your system. It’s how to grow your beard naturally at home without spending money.

6. Watch out for ingrown hair

So you have a medium-sized beard that you want to thicken a bit more. Vitamin deficiency and stress aren’t just the factors to watch out for that will sabotage your progress. Ingrown hair is also a big culprit. It’s when a curly beard strand grows and then bends down, blocking the nearby pores or irritating the skin. This will cause the other hair follicles to stop growing hair due to the blockage.

There are ingrown hair variations when the hair bends sideways even before it protrudes from the skin. The beard strand might also bend down on the same hair follicle even before it sprouts out of its house.

You can prevent ingrown hair by regularly exfoliating or massaging your beard. Moisturizing is another thing. It all boils down to keeping a healthy skin while you wait for the extra length to show itself.

7. Don’t over trim

Some bearded dudes who are into creating crazy fads would recommend that you shave your beard clean so it will grow faster than before. This is a crazy idea, if not stupid. There’s no medical proof that having a clean slate on your chin will trigger more length. Cutting the beard shorter more than it should be doesn’t have any direct effect on its health. It’s not how to grow your beard naturally at home.

how to grow your beard naturally at home

Don’t get me wrong, trimming is still necessary when growing a beard. It’s your way of removing the ugly ends while the length continuously grows. But don’t overdo it. Trim a little and try to keep the symmetry on your manly mane. Other than that, give your scissors a break. It’s also recommendable that you start trimming when the beard is already on its medium-length. The rule of thumb is to let it grow for six weeks from the stubble length before you start the trim.

8. Massage it with amla oil

If you’re looking for your first choice of beard oil, I recommend that you use amla oil. This oil is extracted from Indian gooseberry fruits and is used for decades in the Ayurveda medicine. It’s also a popular hair growth regimen for the scalp and the beard. Massage a small amount of amla oil to your beard for up to 20 minutes to prevent ingrown hair and dryness. Afterward, rinse it with cold water and dry with a clean towel. As much as possible, avoid shampooing the beard after the oil application. You might want to leave some moisturizing effect on your manly mane.

Amla oil is an excellent fix for beard dandruff, itchiness, and dry skin. I suggest that your purchase a bottle like the one from Slice of Nature. This is free of mineral oil and other chemicals. This oil will stop the graying of the beard and it will also cut the risk of hair loss while stimulating the growth of more strands.\

9. In the case of itchiness, use hydrocortisone

The growth of new beard hair will cause itching. This is a natural event but make sure that you don’t perform any harsh move that may damage the hair or irritate the skin. If the itchiness is unbearable, use a hydrocortisone cream instead of scratching or applying other products. Fight the urge to scratch or pull the beard just to subtly ease the discomfort. It’s not how to grow your beard naturally at home.

It might help to shampoo your beard. If the itchiness doesn’t go away, use a topical cream. Enduring it is one of the best solutions I’ve received including the “suck it up, man up!” advice. But if it hinders your work and daily chores, you can be gentle and find other means. Besides, it’s just a small sacrifice for the length you’re going to show off in the future.

Don’t succumb to some shady itch removers that will dry your skin and worse, cause the fall out of your beard.

10. Practice microneedling

A derma roller or a microneedle roller has been proven to stimulate hair growth, especially on the beard. Pricking your skin with these minute needles will cause microscopic wounds. When the body detects this, it will start the healing process which, in turn, will produce more collagen. This skin component will promote better dermal health, thus the growth of your beard.

how to grow your beard naturally at home

However, don’t get just any type of roller. I recommend that you choose the 0.5 mm derma roller with stainless steel needles so you won’t have to worry about rust or infection (the Airblasters has one of these rollers). The smaller the size, the better it is since it will also aid in the absorption of your beard oil and other topical treatments. It’s how to grow your beard naturally at home.

Use the derma roller twice a week. Also, make sure that you keep the roller clean to avoid bacteria and dirt build-up that will sabotage your beard growth.

11. Stop using dozens of products

I know that desperate situations call for desperate measures. But as much as you want to speed things up, don’t overdo the beard regimen. Choose products that suit your skin type and those that answer your needs. A set of oil, shampoo, conditioner, and balm would be fine. Avoid having too much oil combination or the pores on your beard might be too clogged.

Remember that not all beard products suit every guy. You might have allergies to certain ingredients that will slow down the process even more. If the product isn’t working, discontinue use and give the beard a break before trying another one. It’s how to grow your beard naturally at home with proper care.

12. Make your immune system strong.

Medical findings state that the immune system can attack the hair follicles and cause hair loss. Having a problematic immune system can cause this together with an array of health issues. By keeping your immune system on its top shape, you’re going to enjoy the mutual benefits of the beard and the said body system.

A healthy immune system contributes to a fast beard growth while a full-length beard aids the immune system by dodging irritants and infections. This facial hair will be a layer of defense before airborne viruses enter your body.

This is the same reason why hair growth supplements have Vitamin C content and other immunity-boosting ingredients.

Knowing how to grow your beard naturally at home will save you money from costly transplants. What do you about this post? Let us know below!