Got A Curly Beard? Here Are Uses Of Beard Oil You Never Knew About

By Jay

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We all know that beard oil is a staple in growing and maintaining a manly mane. But a lot of beardsmen is yet to realize the full potential of these serums outside the beard area. There are other crazy uses of this oil aside from working as a beard straightener for curly beard.

I know too well that you’re used to the drill: a few drops, massage, and comb. This will likely cover the entire facial hair area. But for total newbies who haven’t tried this essential beard grooming regimen, I’ll give a quick rundown about what the heck beard oil is and how you can use it. Of course, there would be unique additions in the end.

The rise of beard oil

Beard oil has been in use ever since the idea of growing a fuzz come to mind. It’s been here for ages and no one can tell when it first became a trend. But the sure thing is it became more famous when the “beard fashion” resurfaced in the past years. Essential oil manufacturers bank on this craze and repackaged their products as beard merchandise.

Basically, commercial beard oils are made of various essential oils from jojoba, argan, coconut, sunflower seed, and more. These are widely used in hair care even before beards are fashion statements. True enough, the oils are nourishing and a natural beard straightener for curly beard.

beard straightener for curly beard

But as the demand for beard oil rise, many myths thickened like tumbleweeds along the way. One is that beard oil can stimulate growth for those who have patchy manes. This is probably a misunderstood concept. Beard oil keeps the strands soft and healthy which makes it look fuller than usual. It doesn’t make beards grow longer.

How to use beard oil

Beard application is not a complicated task. You just place two drops on your palms and massage it all over your chin. But you don’t slop it like mud. Massage the oil on your palms and fingers before wiping it on your beard. This way, the oil is well-distributed and you can finger comb without encountering snags. Once the oil is in your beard, comb the facial hair to finish.

You can apply beard oil as the need arises. But for the best results, apply it right after a hot shower when your beard is freshly washed. Dry it first. Too much water will prevent the oil from being absorbed by the hair strands.

The amount of oil you should use depends on the size of your beard. The longer and fuller, the more oil it needs. Just be modest enough to avoid making your mane too greasy.

Unique uses of beard oil

On your scalp

Do you have an itchy hairline? Apply some of your beard oil to ease the discomfort. Beard oil is usually made of ingredients resembling the natural sebum of the scalp. Jojoba, for one, can be used for both your beard and head hair without any complications. It’s an excellent beard straightener for curly beard too. But if you plan to soak the entire scalp with your beard regimen, you might need a few bottles to achieve it.

Anyway, here’s the catch: you can use beard products on your head, but not the other way around. Beard products are formulated to be gentle to the facial skin and hair. This makes it suitable for your scalp with a thicker skin. On the other hand, head hair products are abrasive due to the same skin feature. Using it on your beard might induce irritations.

On your wound

If you sustained a bruise or a shallow cut, you can apply a little beard oil on it. Beard oils with tea tree, safflower, and grape seed extracts are excellent as an anti-bacterial remedy. The grapeseed oil will aid the healing and will reduce the scarring of the skin. Meanwhile, the safflower oil will serve as a skin regenerating substance. Just make sure that your beard oil is made of all-natural products; otherwise, you should stay clear of this purpose.

On your eyeglasses

If you’re a full-time glass-wearing human like me, one of your pet peeves is foggy lenses. It happens all the time when drinking hot coffee, going out on a misty day, or someone puffing smoke to your face. You constantly need to wipe the lenses which get a little less fonder as it becomes repetitive.

beard straightener for curly beard

So to solve the problem, apply a very little droplet of beard oil to your eyeglasses and wipe it with a microfiber cloth. This will serve as a coating against condensation, but make sure that you don’t overdo it. An itty-bitty droplet will be enough.

On squeaky doors

Noisy doors at work or at home are annoying. So the next time your door screams, put a few droplets on the hinges and close-open it a few times. This is guaranteed to silence that door frame.

Anyway, almost all oil products will do the same trick on squeaky doors. But of course, you can’t always have mechanical lubricating oil on your office. Your humble bottle of beard oil will come handy plus it will give the entrance a nice whiff.

On your bike chain

So you went biking one day and the chain starts crying with rust. Of course, you can go straight home and have it fixed with some industrial oil. But if the dogs on the next block would start a chase at the very moment they hear a rustle, you have to do something. Get your bottle of beard oil and put a few drops on the chain. Pedal it a few times and the noise should be gone. Still, be watchful of the dogs.

Who would have thought that this beard straightener for curly beard can be used in a variety of applications? Beard oil is a very versatile product but make sure that you don’t overuse it or you’ll run out of supply for your mane!