Maverick Beard Growth Elixir | Is It The Holy Grail For Your Beard?

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Almost all men who aspire to grow a lush beard would ask this: what’s the secret? There are guys who don’t even exert effort since their mane will grow naturally. Still, there are unfortunate ones who are still looking for the “Holy Grail” for beard growing. Supplements are one of the common answers to this, including the Maverick Essentials line of products. Read one Maverick beard growth review and you’ll see how promising their products are.

On this post, we’ll focus on the Maverick Beard Growth Elixir. It’s a supplement different from Maverick’s Beard Growth Formula. What makes the Maverick elixir intriguing is the fact that it’s called as such.

Here, we’ll take a look on the products ingredients, manufacturer claims, pros and cons, and other aspects. Let’s see if it stands out among its competitors.

The formula

If you’ve seen the ingredients list of this Maverick product, I wouldn’t wonder if you’ll be overwhelmed. There are more than a dozen substances in there including biotin, folic acid, vitamins, minerals, bamboo silica, Ginkgo biloba and a whole lot more. Of course, a hair growth supplement won’t be complete without the biotin and folic acid pair known to stimulate facial hair growth. This supplement also contains the usual Vitamin B-Complex that directly contributes to hair production and other bodily processes.

maverick beard growth review

One surprising ingredient here is Ginkgo biloba. It’s a widely known substance in nootropic supplements, but there are also medical proofs that it can help in the hair department. Ginkgo extracts improve blood circulation which is crucial in sustaining the hair follicles needs for keratin production. To make sure that the beard will grow strong, the formulation has bamboo silica. Just remember that this Maverick beard growth review isn’t absolute.

Another exceptional ingredient on this supplement is saw palmetto. This plant has the ability to prevent hair loss by blocking a certain DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). There is other stuff here including Inositol, L-Cysteine, zinc, copper, choline, Vitamins A & C, and more. Discussing each one of these would bore you, but I assure that all of these will bring benefits to the body.

Compared to the other supplements I reviewed and tried before, I can say that this Maverick Elixir is something special. It has a holistic formulation that starts with growing and up to the maintenance of the beard.

What the manufacturer claims

The Maverick brand claims one thing: it will grow you a beard that women will love. Regardless if this is your goal or not, it doesn’t hurt to achieve such a thing. Each container comes with 90 tablets on which you have to take 2 per day. The manufacturer claims that if you ingest the supplement regularly for the next 45 days, you’ll achieve a fuller and shiny beard. So far, I’m impressed since it also passed GMP standards although it’s still yet to be reviewed by the FDA. If you’re not satisfied, there’s a 60-day guarantee they also offer to send the product back.

The promise of the manufacturers is holistic and natural hair growth. It’s also what this Maverick beard growth review believes in. And from my analysis of ingredients and user reviews, I can say that this is possible to achieve. The product banks on ingredients that improve blood circulation and keratin production. Even if you know little about this biochemistry, it’s easy to guess that this will result in hair growth.

What the users say

Users are happy about this product and that pretty much summarizes this whole section. Guys who want a thick beard love this as well as ladies who have a thinning crown. As you know, beard supplements like this don’t just target the beard, it also initiates hair growth from all over the body. So far, the formulation of this supplement is proven to be safe for women users. It doesn’t wreak havoc on their hormones or cause any disturbances on the bodies. However, someone in birth control or estrogen pills should avoid using this supplement.

A lot of users are in awe of this product because of its very low price of roughly 30 bucks for 90 tablets. Compared to other supplements, this is a winner for both the formula and the price – one aspect on this Maverick beard growth review that will seal the deal.

maverick beard growth review


-Excellent ingredients that target hair growth, hair health, and overall wellness

-Very affordable price considering its jam-packed formula

-Natural ingredients that are safe to ingest

-The supplement also acts as a multivitamin due to its richness in different nutrients

-Can be taken by both men and women


-It has to be taken with meals

Side effects and indications

There are no harsh side effects when taking product except if you’re under a different medication. It’s important that you consult a doctor if you’re under 18 or you’re a nursing/pregnant woman. For men, there’s nothing to worry about taking this product for their beard’s growth.

Although a lot of users are all praise for this product, there are cases when the elixir doesn’t show any result. In such case, nutrient deficiency might not be the cause of slow facial hair growth.

The verdict

I’ve seen a lot of supplements before, and I must say that I’m impressed with this product. This Maverick beard growth review is an excellent guide but take note that the results will vary. So far, the ingredients of this supplement are all geared toward hair growth with additional nourishment.

It doesn’t just stimulate the growth of the beard; it also ensures that the quality of the strands is of good strength. For those who are experiencing beard patches due to hair loss, this supplement is also a good fix. Just be patient and finish one bottle before judging the efficiency of the product. Since the supplement has a gradual release of vitamins and minerals, it might take some time before seeing the effects. A few weeks won’t hurt, anyway. Like what one user said, don’t expect this to work overnight.