Top 10 Beard Balms and Waxes – Best Bang for the Buck!

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Balms and waxes are the kings in beard styling. Although runny oils can sometimes do the trick, it doesn’t offer as much hold as the good ‘ol pastes can give. Balms and waxes have thicker consistencies which makes it easier to apply and massage into the manly mane. Also, it’s packed with essentials oils and natural extracts that nourish the beard and the skin beneath. These are all-in-one styling and maintenance products that every bearded guy should have. So you ask, what is the best beard balm to use for grooming?

A lot of brands have banked on these products that it won’t be hard to find one. But for me, the best option is a tried and tested product that bearded dudes can attest to. Because when it comes to beard grooming, nothing beats the classics, at least in my own opinion.

Just remember this: balm is for maintenance, the wax is for styling. Good thing if a product can do both.

So if you’re on the hunt for the best picks, here is our roundup.


1. Honest Amish Beard Balm

A list like this wouldn’t be complete without the Honest Amish being on the top shelf. The bearded wizard puffing a pipe on the tin can container is a classic. It works on softening rogue beards and giving it a smooth finish. If you’re having trouble with snags, this Honest Amish balm would be helpful while combing. This also prevents the occurrence of dandruff and itchiness. So what is the best beard balm to use for grooming? This one’s the deal!

what is the best beard balm to use for grooming

Aside from the long list of oils present in this formulation, it also has aloe vera extracts shea, and cocoa butters among others. Overall, this has 15 nourishing ingredients. And if you’re not happy with the effect, you can send it back for a refund.

Take note that the Honest Amish balm works excellently in maintaining the beard, not in stimulating its growth. Nevertheless, this is a good choice to prevent the present beard hair from falling off.

This balm doesn’t have a special scent but it smells like sandalwood or licorice. Anyway, it’s not that overpowering to the nose, in my opinion.

2. Smooth Viking Beard Care Balm

If you want the best product for styling and maintenance, the Smooth Viking Beard Care Balm is the best bet. This product has softener ingredients that help in taming beards when used as a leave-on regimen. Another bonus for this balm is it helps in thickening the beard. Besides, it’s packed with lots of essential oils that are known to work wonders on the hair growth department. The answer to what is the best beard balm to use for grooming.

The Smooth Viking Balm saves you from buying another product for your beard. It’s a good thing for guys who aren’t fans of long and demanding beard maintenance. Also, they offer a lifetime guarantee with this balm so you can send it back anytime if you’re not happy with the results. No 30 or 60-day deadlines.

This balm is pretty thick and you might have a hard time liquefying it a bit for fast application. The trick here is to scrape the balm with your fingers so you get tiny amounts that will melt when rubbed on the palms.

There’s no strong smell on this balm but expect that there would be a hint of shea butter on top of the aroma.

3. Viking Revolution Beard Balm

Another classic option is the Viking Revolution Beard Balm. It also comes in the usual tin can containers and in a thick consistency. With this balm, you can moisturize, style, and restore the health of your beard. This is one of the best picks if you have a burly manly mane that’s quite pesky to maintain. The all-natural ingredients will surely nourish your facial hair and make it ready for styling. So what is the best beard balm to use for grooming? The Viking Revolution can be the one.

what is the best beard balm to use for grooming

You only need to use a pea-size amount to cover a medium-length beard. It’s not like those runny Vaseline formulas that will make the beard look greasy. It doesn’t leave any shine on the hair so it will look naturally groomed. If you’re not sensitive to scents, you’re going to love the mango smell of this balm since it has real mango butter. Apply this after taking a bath or washing the beard for best results.

The only ugly thing about this is that the goodness only comes in 2-ounce cans. Anyway, it’s quite affordable and you can stack up for your supply.

4. Old Spice Beard Balm

If you’re not living in a cave, you’ve probably used or heard about the Old Spice brand. This time, they have a beard balm that promises to take fancy of your manly mane. Unlike other balms I listed here, this Old Spice product uses artificial ingredients. Nevertheless, it still works well on the beard in terms of maintaining and sculpting. Just apply a nickel-size amount on the beard for the best results. The application should be done after washing and conditioning of the mane.

If you have a curly beard, I think this will work well in keeping it in the right place. There’s no shine aftermath on this balm which is good in maintaining the natural look of your beard. It also has a nice scent which isn’t that too much for the nose. It’s exactly the answer to what is the best beard balm to use for grooming.

Aside from using it on your beard, this Old Spice balm will also be great in nourishing your crowning glory. Apply it the same way after taking a shower for a more manageable hair.

5. Grave Before Shave Cigar Blend Balm

In case you want to stick to an all-natural formula with a nice scent, I recommend the Grave Before Shave Balm. This has various butters like shea and oils from coconut, jojoba, apricot, and almond. It’s a handy product to tame flyaways both on the beard and the mustache. Aside from making your beard look good, it will add a nourishing effect on the hair strands and the skin.

what is the best beard balm to use for grooming

This balm comes in two scent options: cigar blend and vanilla. You can choose the scent that matches your personality or the one that your nose can tolerate. So far, I can’t find any unscented version for this Grave Before Shave Balm. But it’s still the answer to what is the best beard balm to use for grooming if you’re going to ask me.

The balm is a bit thick so you need to scrape it using your thumbnail to get a handsome amount without the clumping. Massage in between your palms to liquefy for easy application on the facial hair.

Just a little detail: the cover of the tin can isn’t a screw lid type. You just put it and press. Be careful about storing it on hot temperatures.


1. Honest Amish Original Beard Wax

If you need more hold for that fierce beard, make sure to check out the Honest Amish Original Beard Wax. This blends well on the balm listed on top. Aside from the organic oils and butters, this has a beeswax blend for more thickness and longer shelf-life. This wax has a nice hold which is enough for light shaping. Besides, you wouldn’t want a spiky manly mane.

This wax absorbs well in the beard for the nourishment but the excess can be washed easily for a fresh start. It doesn’t form any residue during the day, which is good so you won’t have to do any retouch sessions. Also, it doesn’t make white beards yellow but you have to scrape the wax using your thumb during application.

Some users reported that this Honest Amish wax helped them grow more beard. This is a bonus perk if you happen to experience the same thing. Although a wax, it can also be the answer to what is the best beard balm to use for grooming.

However, take note that this wax is best for styling and not much for controlling flyaways.

2. Urban Nomads Beard Balm and Wax

For guys who are up for a strong hold, the Urban Nomads Beard Balm and Wax is the best option. It’s a blend of essential and citrusy oils so expect an orangey aroma on this wax. Although it gives a fairly strong hold than the first wax, this Urban Nomads product doesn’t use animal fat and other ingredients that will block the pores.

what is the best beard balm to use for grooming

This Barcelona-crafted wax is great for control if you have lots of flyaways, but don’t expect it to stimulate growth. It claims to be silicone and paraben-free which is good for your skin. Just take note that this beard wax has a vanilla-like (more of cake frosting) scent which can be good or bad depending on your choice. Anyway, it can be the answer to what is the best beard balm to use for grooming.

The Urban Nomads wax comes in 2 oz tiny jars which are excellent for storage. However, there are user claims saying that this doesn’t hold well during very hot days. This is a good option, still, since it doesn’t make the beard greasy or shiny even during humid times.

3. Grave Before Shave Fisticuffs Mustache Wax

Like its balm counterpart, this GSB Fisticuffs wax works well in the beard and mustache. It has the usual oil and butter ingredients with a blend of petroleum jelly. Some users love or hate this part. Nevertheless, the petroleum jelly adds to the hold of the wax but it can also be a bane in the beard growth phase. Still, it’s up to you which one’s your priority: growing a beard or styling one. Besides, the added petroleum jelly makes it easy to apply the wax, unlike other products that need scraping.

So far this holds pretty strong aside from some user claims that it doesn’t work as much as promised. For that, the benefit of the doubt is it holds medium at best. I guess products like this would have varying effects depending on how unruly or healthy the facial hair is. I think the consolation here is that the wax holds well without making the beard a facial Mohawk. It’s doesn’t have a greasy aftermath either.

4. Mountaineer Brand Mustache Wax

The Mountaineer Brand Mustache Wax promises to give a “firm but natural hold”. Like most of the all-natural you can find, this has essential oils, beeswax, and various butters that when blended will give a smooth result. Although this has lots of aromatic ingredients, the scent is just a mild hint of fir needle and cedar. It can also be the answer to what is the best beard balm to use for grooming.

what is the best beard balm to use for grooming

The good thing about this Mountaineer wax is it doesn’t leave any color on the beard, good for ginger and white manes. When it comes to the hold, I can say that this can give a medium to strong hold on the mustache and beard. The best part is it doesn’t make sensitive skin experience a breakout.

This wax is pretty easy to apply and you can use a nail file to get some amount on your palm. It’s a neat choice but don’t expect it to hold like a gel on your beard. That’s not what a lot of men would like, anyway.

5. Can You Handlebar Secondary Mustache Wax

Now, for the extra strength that you’re looking for, the Can You Handlebar Mustache Wax will be the answer. It holds a facial hair like no other so even the most stubborn strands will be on the right place. You can also check out the Primary wax that needs to be heated before application. It gives more hold so your beard is ready for any occasion and situation.

Aside from the oils and beeswax, this wax also has tocopherol for better skin health. Simply warm the tin can using a hair dryer or hot water before scraping some amount. Although it holds well on the beard, it doesn’t cause dryness or further frizziness when rinsed off. It has oils to provide the right bargain of moisturizing, hold, and smooth effects.

This may sound crazy, but a user described this wax as if Medusa has laid eyes on his beard!

Have found what is the best beard balm to use for grooming? How about the wax? Let us know below!