Summer Beard Care Tips To Beat The Heat

The summer season can be very harsh to your beard. Dryness and intense heat take its toll on your manly mane. What you do is moisturize like mad and shield your beard against sunlight as much as you can. Some guys shave their scruff for the summer and grow it again once the cold weather creeps back. But like what a good ol’ barber said, great beards don’t have expiration dates. You just have to practice proper summer beard care to get through the scorching season with your fuzz.

Pulling off a well-manicured beard during summer adds to your sex appeal. An added layer of fur is an excellent shield for your face against too much UV rays as well. But to keep it pleasant to the eyes, make sure to include these tips on your summer regimen:

1. Scrub and wash

Going out during a summer afternoon in the south makes your beard dry and frizzy. The development of static is higher during this season which will cause long beards to tangle like hell aside from the dirt that will stick like magnets to the strands. It’s important that you remove this every morning or before you go to bed. The grimes and dust can dry even more which will cause your fuzz to curl up or develop irritations.

It’s necessary to scrub your facial skin. There would be microscopic salt deposits beneath the beard that will start to itch. A nice shower can remove these salts, but it’s better to do some scrubbing to ensure that even dead skin cells will be scraped.

2. Moisturize like never before

Most of the moisture on your beard will evaporate during summer. This is the time when you should apply beard oil and moisturizing balms even more. After washing your beard, slop some drops of citrusy oil all over your beard. Massage it on a dry scruff for better absorption.

summer beard care

Woodsy oils are excellent during winter, but citrusy and fruity ones will be more refreshing during hot days. Anyway, it’s still up to you if you want the scented type for your summer beard care.

If you’re not a fan of beard oil, get a tin can of hydrating balm. You can also choose one with a nice hold to keep the beard in shape.

3. Apply sunscreen

An Australian study found out that thick beards can simulate the UV-protecting effect of sunscreen with as much as 21 ultraviolet protection (UPF). Beards can protect your facial skin against sunburn, but it’s also important that you give your protector some love. Like any other hair on your body, direct sunlight can fry your scruff. You should use a leave-in sunscreen spray before basking under the sun. It can be used on your head hair too so it won’t be a waste in case it’s not suited for your fuzz.

For the best find, look for hair sunscreen with as much as SPF 50. It gives extreme protection to prevent dryness and dullness.

4. Trim it shorter

I know that summer beard care can be a pain in the neck for curly and relatively frizzy scruffs. You can always trim it shorter without hurting the volume too much. If you got a Bandholz, you may prefer to tone it down into a Verdi or a Ducktail. These shorter styles are easier to groom during hotter days instead of struggling with a full wizard on.

A lighter beard during summer will be refreshing too since you’ll lose some of the growth on your chin. However, you have to double on sunscreen to protect your skin against intense sunlight. Remember, keep an eye on symmetry. You might end up cutting more than what you planned.

5. Pamper your skin

Summer is debilitating and since your skin is constantly secreting sweat, it also harbors dirt and different deposits. You have to exfoliate even if you don’t feel like it. This process is necessary to remove any dirt sitting on your skin which can cause acne, dandruff, and itchiness if not attended.

Aside from moisturizing the beard hair, you should also go deeper and treat your skin with some moisturizer. The wetter, the better as many beardsmen say.   This will keep the skin from drying and producing brittle beard strands.

Avoid using regular shampoo and soaps for your beard. This will dry your scruff even more which is the last thing you’d like to happen during a sweltering season.

summer beard care

6. Stay soft

Humid days can unleash the worst in your beard. Just forget to moisturize for a day and it will be coarse AF. It will start to itch and the last thing you know is you’re holding the razor in front of the mirror. You need to tame the frizzy beard using a conditioner before you go to bed. Leaving it overnight will let your beard absorb the product. The fuzz should be softer after you take a shower but apply additional beard oil or balm for the best results.

Combing or brushing the fuzz is also important for summer beard care. However, make sure that you use a wooden comb to prevent static buildup.

7. Freshen up

Moisturizing once a day isn’t enough. You have to freshen up multiple times especially if you’re soaked in the sun for extended hours. Always carry a bottle of beard oil so you can apply a few drops now and then. If you have the chance, comb your beard a few times to fix minor tangles.

It’s important to watch out for food debris on your beard. When it’s exposed to the sun or hot temperature, the food bit will dry and stick to your fuzz.

Summer is a challenging season for the bearded dudes. Their scruff gets more stubborn and the humidity makes grooming a bit unbearable. But you just have to be patient and the hot days should be over. A few hacks will be useful too.

Do you know more summer care tips? Let us know in the comment section!