Natural Beard Straightener Methods To Manage Your Manly Mane

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Gruesome stories of beards falling after using a chemical product is a nightmare all men wouldn’t want to experience. We all know that curly beards can be stubborn to manage. It can scare kids away and kill your chance to chase your romantic pursuits. As much as a full beard adds to your sex appeal, it can be a saboteur if the mane is too bristled, rough, and dirty-looking. So how can you straighten it without the risk of getting bald? Use a natural beard straightener.

Going natural doesn’t always mean grinding leaves and slopping it on your facial hair. There are all-natural products that you purchase. These skip the synthetic chemicals that usually cause irritations and a variety of beard problems. But if you want to ditch these products, you can always opt for some manual methods.

Hand shaping

Patting and rubbing your beard will help in straightening it out. Use a balm or wax of your choice when you’re doing this for added moisturization. Hand shaping doesn’t straighten your beard right away but it will help in the shaping later on. Each strand may not look as fine as you want it, but it wouldn’t be pointing to crazy directions either.

Stroking your beard will become a habit later on. But before you start massaging it incessantly, make sure that your hands are clean.

Aside from manual hand shaping, it’s important that you do some trimming and sculpting. Curly beards can look unruly, but with the right shape, it can appear well-groomed. It can be a tricky but a natural beard straightener method. Trim the excess length and watch out for split ends. Also, mind symmetry and the line you’re treading at.

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Comb and brush training

So you want a product-free way of straightening your beard? Then it’s time to get a beard comb and brush. Combing your hair on a downward position regularly helps it straighten a bit. Prefer a boar-bristle brush and a wooden comb for this method. These two are gentler on the beard and have less rough edges that could damage your facial hair.

A comb is best when your beard is wet. It will help remove the snags with its wide teeth. When the beard is drying, the brush would help pull large chunks of hair downward as the bristles lock into the strands. A brush also helps unleash the volume of your beard compared to using combs alone.

When combing or brushing, hold the comb upward and glide slowly in an outward manner. Start from your neckline and work your way toward the chin. Avoid savagely pulling your beard out of frustration. It will cause breakage and swelling.

Essential oils

If the manual methods of beard straightening didn’t work, you can tap the help of some essential oils. Argan, jojoba, sandalwood, and coconut oils are timeless in softening frizzy hair so it can be styled and groomed easily. The oil will moisturize the skin beneath and the growing facial mane. A long as you take it easy with the amount, your beard shouldn’t be too greasy with this natural beard straightener.

Put two drops of beard oil on your palms and massage it gently into your chin. For those with long manes, use a comb to ensure that the oil is well distributed on the facial hair. You can blow dry this if you want to increase the straightening effect of the oil. Just be careful with the heat settings and don’t place the blow dryer too close to your beard.

Fixing the dryness

Beard curling can have two possible reasons: genetics and dryness. Of course, we can’t do anything with genetics, but you can still train the beast. In the case of dryness, you have to cure it by moisturizing obsessively. Dry hair strands wither and curl. Its natural color fades over time if the dryness isn’t treated right away.

You can use beard oil regularly and wash your mane with the proper shampoo. If you keep using heat to straighten your beard, it’s advisable to skip the flat iron for the meantime. No matter how hard you moisturize, it won’t work if you keep subjecting your beard to extreme temperatures.

Dryness is a common beard problem but it’s easy to treat given the right products. Some guys will tell you otherwise, but shaving isn’t always the only solution to this.

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Proper toweling

You might not know it, but hasty toweling leaves more damages to your beard than any of your other habits. Jiggling your chin with a towel after a shower makes it coarser and spread all over the place. Instead of adjusting to the natural beard straightener you’re practicing, your facial hair sustains tiny tears and dents.

The next time you dry your beard, pat it gently with an absorbent towel and work your way downward. This will prevent breakage and hair fall. To remove the excess moisture, comb your beard slowly until it dries. Carefully untangle snags or use an oil product if it becomes too unmanageable.

Regardless of how much you want to speed up this process, you may want to skip the heat. You can dry it in front of an electric fan or with the outdoor wind.

Eating right

Like what they usually say, “You are what you eat”. This goes the same to your beard. If you want it to be healthy and moisturized, devour hair-friendly foods like eggs, fatty fish, green veggies, seeds, and more. This diet ensures that you have enough supply of nutrients on your bloodstream needed for hair production. Pairing it with a supplement will be exceptional.

Also, manage your stress levels by sleeping properly and quitting your vices. Smoking, for one, dries up your beard and leaves harmful chemicals on your skin.

A natural beard straightener helps groom your facial hair without the synthetic chemicals. It also saves your money from purchasing tons of beard products that don’t always work. If you are to get a product to straighten your beard, always be meticulous and cautious. Your manly mane is at stake here.