Mini Beard Straighteners For On-The-Go Styling

By Jay

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Now that you’ve survived the painstaking phase of growing your beard, the challenge lives on with grooming. Some beard strands can have a mind of its own and will start to stick out in different directions. This is annoying especially if you’re attending an event or working on your romantic pursuits. Unruly beards can make you look dapper to rugged real quick. With this, I recommend that you keep a mini beard straightener that you can pull out of your pocket or bag anytime you need it.

Beard grooming is part of the life of being a bristly dude. But this shouldn’t be a loathsome regimen given that you have the right tools. Here are some of the pocket/purse-size solutions I recommend.

1. Beard brush and comb

If there’s one thing you shouldn’t go out without, it would be a handy beard comb or brush. A beard comb is a quick fix for stubborn strands. If your beard is a bit wriggled due to the outdoor wind, you can use a brush to shape it up quickly.

Of the two, a comb is the easiest to carry and can fit on average pockets. Brushes tend to be bulky but it will also be a good pick if you have a bag with you. So the next time your beard looked like you touched a Van de Graaff, pull the comb out and fix it.

2. Compact flat iron

For the frizzy beard that doesn’t yield on manual combing, a cordless beard straightener would save the day. This mini beard straightener can fit on small pouches or pockets inside the suit (if you’re desperate). This will allow you to retouch your beard on the car or the bathroom if you’re having a long night on a special gathering.

mini beard straightener

One of the best finds is the KIPOZI Pro Nano Titanium Flat Iron . It’s 8.2 inches long and can last for 30 minutes of use. If you run out of battery, you can charge it on your car or using a power bank through its USB ports.

3. Beard oil

Does your beard go all over the place when it’s too dry? A bottle of beard oil will be the solution here. This straightener can fit in your pocket and can be used anytime. Just make sure that you seal the lid well to avoid spillage. Beard oil will also work in mild shaping and styling while giving your mane an added shine.

The beard oil is best applied after taking a shower, but you can re-apply when needed especially during hot or cold months. It’s best if you have a wooden comb to spread the oil all over your fuzz. Be careful not to look greasy, okay?

4. Tin of wax or balm

For more hold, a tin can of balm or wax would be excellent. Some guys don’t like using oil on their beards so putties will be excellent alternatives. As a mini beard straightener, the wax will multi-task as a shaper, moisturizer, and groomer. Scented beard waxes will also give a nice whiff on your beard, something that a lot of women get attracted to.

Again, a comb will make the application faster and easier. It will prevent the balm from clumping on some spots of your beard. The good thing about beard wax is you can look for a variety of hold depending on how unmanageable your fuzz is.

Tips to keep it straight

The four straighteners I gave above will save your beard day. But if you want it to work seamlessly, you should practice some hair regimen here.

Make it soft

Moisturize like hell. Your beard gets exposed to pollutants every day which causes it to dry. Applying a moisturizer daily will prevent the damage while keeping your mane soft. With that, the beard becomes easier to groom.  Regular washing and combing are also helpful in softening the beard since grimes and dirt can make it stiff and tangled.

Always use a shampoo formulated for your beard. Some chemicals can cause itchiness and acne breakout for some guys. Also, don’t resort to using regular shampoo.

mini beard straightener

Own it

No matter how patchy or thin your beard is, own it! The moment you stopped trying desperate measures to make it grow fuller, the more you explore other styles that suit your fuzz. Your bald spots will soon grow, and if you’re patient enough, you can sport a thicker mane in a few months.

If you have a relatively frizzy beard, look for ways to tame and style it easily. You should also start adopting a regimen to cure the hair problems before using a mini beard straightener.

Train the beast

No beard is unforgiving enough when it comes to training and shaping. Stroking your beard out of habit is actually a good way to make it grow downward, making it appear straighter than before. No matter how your genetics is playing tricks on you, there’s a way to straighten your beard.

If you’re worried about your hands being dirty, keep a comb or brush handy all the time. Forget about doing at least 100 strokes, as long as you comb for at least two minutes a day, you’re golden. It’s best to train your beard as it grows so grooming will be easier for you once it becomes full-fledged.

Make it a habit

Don’t just moisturize or comb when it suits you. Stick to a beard regimen every day to ensure that you won’t experience the hassle of a frizzy and overly tousled mane. Allotting at least 15 minutes for your beard is enough to basic grooming techniques.

A mini beard straightener is helpful in times of fuzzy distress. Having one on your pocket will save your look on situations you didn’t think will happen. Beards can be pretty unpredictable when it comes to outdoor weather so bringing a compact straightener will not hurt. Besides, these are inconspicuous products that no one would know you have it in tow.