Maintain Your Long Beard With These 7 Easy Tips

By Jay

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The longer it gets, the more demanding grooming becomes. A long, bushy beard is every man’s pride, but it can also be their source of stress. It takes longer to groom and it gets dirtier and drier than ever. Growing your beard in epic lengths is a statement of masculinity, but having a full wizard going on is also a challenge. Maintaining a long beard is serious business.

Beards come in different shapes and sizes. I’m not sure if you’re up to beat Gandalf or King Leonidas, but you should know that growing a lush beard isn’t just about setting the razor aside. As a beardsman, you have to be patient in all aspects of grooming, maintaining, and styling your manly mane.

1. Keep brushing

This part needs no explaining. The longer your beard gets, the more it develops tangle and snags. It’s important that you tame all of these before it creates a whole mess on your beard. A beard brush will be excellent in working its way through the hair strands without pulling it too much. Using a comb might be challenging since the mane is thicker and pulling on the snags would be painful.

Dusting your beard off multiple times a day will remove unseen dust and grimes. Lots of cruds can stick to your manly mane. Who knows, that last bit of burrito might be hiding on the folds of your hefty fuzz.

2. Trim it a bit

Trimming? This may sound crazy if you’re sporting a long beard. Well, the defining line here is between wanting to look like a hermit or a well-groomed beardsman. Trimming keeps your beard shape in check without hurting the length too much. You don’t have to hate the scissors if you’re maintaining a long beard; a few snips would actually make your full fuzz look better.

maintaining a long beard

Long beards are prone to split ends and the shape can go out of hand too. When trimming, use a scissor specifically made for the beard. These are sharper and allow minute cuts. Anyway, it’s a matter of choice. If you want to be on the wild side, you can let your beard be.

3. Moisturize like mad

As your beard grows longer, the more sebum it strips from the skin. Never stop conditioning and moisturizing your mane after you achieved the length that you want. I’m not going through all the benefits of oils and balms right now as I assume you’re well-aware given that you’ve grown such a voluptuous amount of facial hair.

It’s now that your beard needs more of your trusty oil and balm. Long hair, both on the face and on top, tends to dry easily. There’s nothing to worry about overdoing your moisturizer at this point. Well, of course, the exception is when you can’t endure greasiness or thick clumps of putties.

4. Watch out for hidden dirt

Your long beard hides a share of secrets. The cracker crumbs from your snack, the dust from the streets, and many more substances that will be a whole mess when not cleaned. Washing regularly and properly is the most important part of maintaining a long beard. Finger comb your mane as you lather the shampoo and make sure that you reach all the skin beneath.

Always keep your beard squeaky clean. Remember that constant moisture on your beard will start bacteria and odor buildup. Always wash your mane at the end of the day to get rid of the gunk. Don’t trust its fresh smell. It’s hiding tads of dirt that will wreak havoc on your skin while you sleep.

5. Nutrition is king

As much as you have to nourish and clean your beard from the outside, you should also feed it from the inside. A nutritional edge will give a “kick” on your beard health by strengthening the hair and skin. Eating healthy foods like veggies, fruits, and meat rich in various micronutrients will boost your overall wellness.

Studies say that a high-protein and iron-rich diet can speed up hair growth. And if you some multivitamins, the strands would be stronger and thicker. By the way, don’t believe your grandpa that drinking scotch can grow you a hermit-like beard. He’s just tricking you into a drinking fest.

6. Skincare is everything

I’ve said enough about skin care in the previous posts and I’ll never get tired of stressing it out. Skincare is everything when you’re growing a beard. When your skin is dry, flaky, and acne-ridden, hair growth will be scarce and poor. Even if you manage to have a Galifianakis on, the strands would be dry and frizzy.

maintaining a long beard

Don’t ditch your sunscreen even if your cheeks and chin are brimming with facial hair. UV rays won’t have a hard time permeating the skin beneath no matter how furry you look like. If you want to hit two birds with one stone, get a moisturizer with added SPF. Don’t hold back on your obsession of moisturizing your skin.

7. Patience, patience, patience

The length of your beard should reflect the extent of your patience. Lush manly manes can be a pain to deal with, and if problems like dandruff or scaling arise, you might want to shave it clean. But before it even happens, take time to wash your beard, practice an awesome skin regimen, and moisturize like crazy.

If there’s one thing you’ll learn as you grow your beard, it would be patience. Just think of all ingrown hairs and patchiness you’ve overcome in the past. This is definitely not the time to quit and bring the razor back to life.

Maintaining a long beard is challenging and demanding. Sometimes, you spend time grooming it more than styling your hair on top. But everything becomes worth it as you receive compliments for having a well-manicured facial fuzz. Not everyone is as lucky as you are to be blessed with such genes. And if you want to be a certified head turner, well, you’re doing it right.