8 Things You Should Realize Before Growing A Curly Beard

By Jay

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Growing a beard is becoming popular now more than ever. It comes in different shapes and sizes: curly, fine, long, and short. No matter what type you have, growing it could have been more worthwhile if you’re prepared for the possibilities. A lot of guys are excited about their coil fuzz only to desperately search for ways on how to straighten a curly beard. So before you even put the razor on the depths of your bathroom cabinet, you should keep some things in mind.

The journey to a full and curly beard wouldn’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

1. It will be itchy as hell

The moment the first stubble grows on your chin, expect itchiness to take over. This phase of growing a beard will be irritating and your mane can be unbearably itchy. But don’t worry; it will not last for long. You just have to endure this part until the beard grows a substantial length.

An itchy beard is normal at the start, but watch out for issues like dandruff, ingrown hairs, acne, or dermatitis. Curly beards are more prone to these due to the kinks of the strands. In case the products didn’t work its magic to ease the discomfort, it’s best to consult a dermatologist.

2. It will take months to grow

You don’t expect your beard to grow long enough within two weeks, right? It will take at least 4-6 weeks before the stubble comes close the being a thin beard. Patchiness will make growing time longer as you have to wait until the shorter ones sprout.

As much as you yearn to sport your beard, avoid using ways on how to straighten a curly beard right away. Usually, beards will grow faster once it has achieved a certain length. But take note that genetics rule when it comes to the maximum length your beard can develop.

how to straighten a curly beard

3. It will not grow uniformly

Here’s a fact: no beard grows uniformly. Each strand has its own pace so it’s normal that you will see shorter ones that are lagging behind. There’s no way you can grow a mane the same way with your “beard hero”. Like our personalities, each fuzz is different from the other. It has its a unique look that you should embrace and own!

If you still have a five-o-clock shadow on the left cheek and growing stubble on the other, take a deep breath and relax. It will take some time before the length catches up. You can trim it a bit to mask the asymmetrical appearance.

4. It’s demanding

That bearded dude at work might look so chill with his mane, but earlier, he had struggled to remove snags and make it look less of a beast. Growing a beard- more so if curly – is a demanding and serious business. It’s mired with tons of skin and hair growth issues that will test your patience.

You don’t simply throw the razor away. You’ll have to wash it regularly, moisturize, trim a bit, and style repeatedly. It can take more than 15 minutes for the most unruly manes. Anyway, you can save time, if you know how to straighten a curly beard. Although this can be a pain in the ass, it’s worth it as heads turn as you pass by.

5. It will not always grow fully

So you want a full wizard, ey? There’s a chance that you can, but take note that some guys simply can’t grow a beard that long. Genetics is the main culprit here and at this point, there’s nothing to do but to style it properly.  If your curly beard is just thick enough to hide the skin, you can still enjoy a lot of grooming styles.

For those who can’t even come close to the Brett beard, it’s best to trim the mane a bit short. This will hide any patchy spots or short growth. Sculpt it well and you’ll look dapper.

6. It will have a ginger tint

It may come as a surprise to you, but even if you have the blackest head hair, there’s a chance that your beard will have a slight hint of ginger. You might think that you inherited it from your ancestors. While this is a bit true, it’s important to note that all of us have the MC1R gene or the so-called “ginger gene”.

It’s usually recessive for most men, but it will likely surface on the growth of facial hair among Caucasian dudes. You might even grow a full beard with several red strands on it. Anyway, there’s no need to freak out. This is just genetics playing its tricks on you.

how to straighten a curly beard

7. It will get awful tangles

The problem with curly beards is it easily develops snags. It’s a pain to fix and you have to fight the urge not to pull or cut the knots. The longer the curly beard gets, the more stubborn the kinks become. It’s just a matter of getting used to it. The trick here is using a small amount of beard oil to lubricate the tangles while you work on it.

8. You’ll want to straighten it

After long months of dealing with strands that have minds of its own, you’ll decide to straighten it. Straighter beards are easier to manage, especially if you’re always on the go. It’s completely normal and fine to opt for a straight beard. The treatment will wear off in a few months in case you want to go back to your usual rugged curls.

If ever you plan to straighten your beard, avoid using too much heat. Extreme temperatures cause brittleness and dryness.

Knowing how to straighten a curly beard and groom it are just some of the demands of being a beardsman. It’s important that you maintain an awesome skin regimen as you wait for your mane to grow. Once you get through all the struggles, you’ll be one glamorous bearded guy.