Essential Grooming Tips For Men Over 40

By Jay

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Even the wisest and most mature man would always allow himself for some vanity time. From the possibly thinning crown, the beard, and the overall look, it’s important that you stay in shape. Being older than other guys doesn’t snatch you with the right to look and feel good. In fact, shaping up can cut some years off your face if done right. With this, we came up with some grooming tips for men over 40.

The likes of Jeff Goldblum, Gerard Butler, and Hugh Jackman are just some of the over 40 guys in Hollywood. What is their common denominator? They don’t let themselves be seen with a messy hair and an unruly beard. Just like these men, you can also start grooming the right way.

Dress your age

Wanting to feel younger and trying hard to feel younger are two different things. At this age, you want to keep it real. Baggy clothes and graphic shirts are no longer your things. Just keep it plain and simple. Wearing a clean white shirt and a dark pair of jeans will make you look dapper than when you’re wearing your baseball jacket.

grooming tips for men over 40

Leave ripped jeans and neon colored pants to teenagers. Anyway, the consolation here is you can still wear nice sneakers. But make sure that you execute it well. Keep it low key and you’ll never go wrong.

As much as I know that hybrid hiking shoes are comfortable, just ditch it if you can. It makes you look older than you actually are. If you want comfy footwear while walking, get a pair of dark espadrilles or stick to a nice pair of sneakers.

Dad jeans are no-nos

Dad jeans are high-rise, straight cut jeans that look stone-washed. If you’re thinking of a dad wearing one, Google former Pres. Obama while biking. This is a comfortable and nice piece, but it doesn’t look good if you’re over 40, especially if you pair it with hiking shoes. As part of grooming tips for men over 40, you can still wear jeans but opt for darker, mid-rise type. This looks classier and sleeker.

Aside from that, start saying goodbye to your baggy khakis that flap violently during a windy day. A twin of this is the baggy polo shirt. These two pieces of clothing look good but choose those with the size that fits you well. The next time you go shopping, take your time to go to the fitting room. If you look like Steve Carell on the Crazy, Stupid, Love film, look for smaller options.

Trim the unnecessary hair

As an older guy, you might tend to pass by the mirror without looking close. You miss the nasal hair poking out of your nose, the errant hair on your brows, and the patchy beard you didn’t intend to grow. You don’t have to spend hours staring in the mirror and plucking one hair at a time. Just do the basics of plucking, trimming, and shaving without hurrying up.

For some reasons, there are men over 40 who love growing their thumbnails. It serves a unique purpose, though. They use it to scratch things, open lids, or remove dried snot. However, unclipped nails gather dirt and it makes the hands look unsanitary. Keep this part clean since this is the stage of your life when you’re doing lots of handshakes. It’s just one of the grooming tips for men over 40 that you shouldn’t forget.

Shave the receding hairline

The 40s can be tough for some men and their receding hairline will prove it. Holding on to the remaining hair is understandable, but fixing it with a comb-over will make you look older. It’s much better to shave your head completely than desperately wax small wisps of hair on your dome. Shaving isn’t a sign of surrendering to old age; it’s a stylish move that you’ll thank yourself for later. Let your barber do this for you. This is so you will avoid bumps and lesions.

If you’re worried about looking like a crystal ball, grow a short beard. As one of the grooming tips for men over 40, this will create a nice balance on your face. However, delivery and maintenance are important here. Later on, we will discuss some tips to have a dashing beard even if you’re already 40 something.

Attention to your eyewear

Older men who have poor eyesight usually pick minimalistic eyeglasses. The one with transparent frames and square-like lenses. This looks clean and as long as you can see clearly, there’s nothing wrong about it. But if you’re going to ask me, this kind of eyeglasses make you look older, as if a judge probing his 100-page verdict.

grooming tips for men over 40

Your eyeglasses are an excellent tool to highlight your good features. Make sure to get a frame with a color complementing your complexion and a shape that looks good on your face. Your optometrist would surely have a variety of frames to choose from.

Aside from getting the best eyewear, you should also consider working on your dark circles. A lot of work and sleepless nights would have caused this. In the morning, use a roll-on eye cream to soothe puffiness.

Get your scent

A chief perfumer from Japan found out on his experiments that men over 40 emit a more pungent smell than anyone else. It’s due to a substance called nonenal that’s commonly present on traditional body odor. This should be enough reason for you to practice proper hygiene and to get a bottle of perfume.

Of all the grooming tips for men over 40 I can give you, relying on your aftershave isn’t of them. Visit a perfume store and get your signature scent, the one you’ll be using for long. Two scents will be excellent so you can alternate in between seasons. Spicy and woody scents are the best for winter while citrusy ones are excellent for summer and spring.

However, don’t overdo the perfume. Just keep it mild but enough to be picked up when you pass by. Also, don’t use perfume to mask bad odor due to your failure to take a shower.

Always moisturize

As we grow older, our skin loses its elasticity. It’s important that you moisturize obsessively as you grow farther from the 40s. Like what dermatologists say, you’ll get a younger skin if you prefer “multi-tasking moisturizers”. These are products that offer a wide range of benefits aside from hydrating the skin. A moisturizer that works as a sunscreen, skin repair regimen, and more is unbeatable. You should re-apply this as needed; many times during the summer months.

grooming tips for men over 40

You don’t have to use tinted moisturizers if you’re not comfortable with it. Grooming tips for men over 40 don’t have to be overcomplicated.

Sculpt the beard

Regardless if you have a shaved head or a lush crown, it’s important to sculpt your facial hair. It can strip some years off your face if you do it well. Take it from George Clooney and Bradley Cooper. Make sure that you sculpt it right and with the right angle that complements with your face. If you have a shaved head, a five o’clock angle will be perfect.

Always comb your beard and keep it moisturized. This will prevent the occurrence of ingrown hair, dandruff, and odor. Choose a beard length you are willing to maintain. Remember that the longer it gets, the more stubborn the strands tend to be.

Doing some manscaping will keep you tidy. Use the right beard shampoo and invest on a best-in-class razor. If you don’t trust your hands, ask your barber to do the sculpting for you during your visit. A barber would know the best shape and style for your crown and manly mane.

These grooming tips for men over 40 will be your toolkit to keep your charm. Use it to your advantage.