Gentleman’s Beard Club Supplement Review: Read This Before You Buy

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The beard growing hobby is more than just a passing fancy for a lot of men. Dudes who want to have a fuller and thicker mane usually don’t get contented to the minimal effect of growth shampoo and oils. They take the next level of stimulating from within through the use of supplements. One of the famous choices nowadays is the Gentleman’s Beard Club. If it works or not, we’ll find out on this review.

Gentleman beard club pills reviews

Some users grow a lush hair but others don’t while using this product. As much as these verified user reviews are helpful, it doesn’t erase the fact that their personal experiences are subjective. Body types differ and there’s no one-pill-fits-all to augment these differences.


To give you a bigger picture of what’s inside the Gentleman’s Beard growth product, we’ll take a look at its ingredient list (which by the way consists of dozens of stuff) and focus on the main components.

Ingredients and how it works

Gentleman’s Beard Club


This chemical is widely known and proven to stimulate not just the growth of facial hair but also of fingernails and skin. It’s actually part of the B-vitamin complex and sometimes called as “Vitamin H”. Those who lack this vitamin will experience hair loss or the slow growth of such. It’s said that biotin improves the keratin structure all over the body. Keratin is the main component of hair strands. With that, having this ingredient is likely an indicator that Gentleman’s Beard really works.

Folic Acid

Also known as Vitamin B9, folic acid is associated with hair growth but its role isn’t as massive as biotin. This substance is best to prevent hair loss from your already grown facial hair. Paired with biotin, I guess this works in synergy.

Vitamin B-Complex

The majority of Gentleman’s Beard Club ingredients consist of Vitamin B-complex. It has thiamine, cyanocobalamin, pyridoxine, riboflavin, and more. As far as hair growth is concerned, these vitamins are necessary for enough oxygen supply to the hair follicles. Thus, hair growth.


The likes of zinc, iron, manganese, selenium, magnesium, and iodine are present in the Gentleman’s Beard supplement. Zinc and iron are prominently known to aid hair growth while iodine and magnesium are also called “hair minerals”. Selenium and manganese also help but take note that too much Selenium can cause hair loss. No need to worry, there’s only 4.15 mcg on each pill of this supplement.

But to be honest, there’s isn’t something special with this formulation. It lacks powerful ingredients that will trigger more hair growth for those who are born with very thin manes. Still, it doesn’t hurt to try.

Manufacturer claims

Gentleman’s Beard Club is the flagship product of the brand of the same name. Manufacturers claim that it will give skin hydration and stimulate beard growth. Based on the ingredients we’ve seen, this can probably be true. It’s also formulated to “target the thin spots”, meaning that it’s a recommended supplement for those with patchy beards according to the manufacturers. This supplement also claims to control hair growth itch.

The packaging of the supplement says that it has an “exclusively tailored formula”. It might probably be for patchy beards or other skin types. It’s not stated clearly.

User claims

A lot of users reported a positive feedback on this supplement, but as far as online reviews are concerned, it’s not the best horse in the stable. The first complaint about this is the hefty price of about $40 for just a bottle of 30 pills. Another is it’s not working for beard growth.

But before you dismiss this product as a mere scam, take note that the effects wouldn’t be the same for everyone. There are bearded folks who actually seen their beards thrive with this supplement. Like what the saying goes, to each his own. Still, be guided of the reviews if you’ve tried many products before and fail.

Gentleman beard club pills reviews

How fast would the results show?

Again, this depends on how your body will react to the supplement. The rule of thumb here is to try the pills for at least a month, or two, if you tend to have a very slow metabolism. If it doesn’t exhibit any growth speed, you can judge its efficiency.


-The ingredients are all-natural and highly varying. You don’t simply get hair-nourishing substances; you also take a dose of other essential vitamins and minerals for overall health.

-A lot of users experienced growth in their beards compared to competitor products.

-It declares the ingredients and offers a refund for unsatisfied customers.


-It’s quite pricey

-Not enough powerful ingredients to say that it stands out among other supplements

-Not FDA-approved (anyway, most supplements in the market aren’t)

Side effects and indications of gentleman’s beard club products

So far, there aren’t any adverse side effects reported for this product. It mostly uses the same nutrients and minerals we ingest from food so there’s nothing to worry about if it’s your first time. As long as you don’t exceed one pill a day, you’re relatively safe. Still, it pays to consult a physician before popping this pill. Do so if you suspect an underlying illness.

Conclusion : 

So does the Gentleman’s Beard Club supplement works? I can say that it does. But don’t forget that each product yields varying results. The fact that it doesn’t have any harsh side effects is already a plus point for someone who’s afraid of trying any supplement.

In all honesty, I’ve discovered a handful of negative reviews about this product online. But it’s so ambiguous that I can’t rely on it as a reference for its efficiency. And since we’re not sure about how long these takers ingested the supplement, it’s just right to give the product the benefit of the doubt.

From my point of view and a short analysis of its ingredients, I can say that this supplement does work for normal skin types. If you’re not having a trouble about hair growth and you just want to speed things up, this is guaranteed to serve its purpose.