How To Use An Electric Beard Straightener

By Jay

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Those who don’t have much experience with heat will likely use flat irons to manage their beards. An electric beard straightener yields instant results and it can tame even the frizziest of manes. However, the risk here is the damage it can bring. Extreme temperatures can cause beard strands to dry and curl, making it more stubborn during grooming. But if you’re bent to using it, always proceed with caution and the right heat setting.

Go with the lowest heat possible. Take note that every time you subject your beard to intense heat, it’s sustaining damages that will soon accumulate and become visible.

Here are our quick guide and tips in using a flat iron for your beard.

1. Get the right heat setting

There’s no written rule as to how much heat a beard can handle. The drier your beard is, the lower the heat setting should be. You may still want to keep it easy even if you have a fully moisturized mane. The heat from the clamps can still dry out your lush fuzz.

Also, make sure that you pre-heat the flat iron on a dry, flat surface. Keep the kids away while you’re working on your beard. Flat irons are champs in straightening all kinds of beards but you should be willing to pay the price.

Take note that facial hair is more sensitive than the hair on top. Proceed at your own risk.

electric beard straightener

2. Apply a heat protectant

Using an electric beard straightener can wreak havoc on your beard, but you can always minimize the risk. Aside from setting the right temperature, apply a heat protectant spray on you mane first. After taking a shower, dry your hair and start sectioning it in small clumps. Spray the protectant at least 10 inches away from your beard and let it dry naturally.

After a few minutes, you can now start flat ironing your beard. Don’t ever think that you can get away with a high heat setting just because you used a heat protectant. Also, don’t iron right away until the heat protectant spray is bone dry. When your beard starts to sizzle, stop and let it air dry.

3. Don’t use it every day

This tip doesn’t just apply on the beard. Even women who use flat irons regularly shouldn’t subject their hair to too much heat. Daily ironing is guaranteed to dry your beard. The hair follicles and strand wouldn’t cope up with the need for extra moisturization. Even if you hydrate obsessively, daily ironing won’t let the product settle on your skin and follicles properly.

If you can, use an electric beard straightener once a week or only if there’s a pressing occasion. At some days, you can alternate with combing or using a gentle product to manage your fuzz. Blow drying can be an option too but once again, be careful with the heat setting.

4. Never iron a wet beard

What happens to water when it’s exposed under intense heat? It boils. Just imagine if your beard hair is soaked on this sweltering condition. It will fry and curl beyond repair. Also, the steam produced when ironing a wet beard will damage the hair follicles. The only fix to these problems is shaving the beard clean. It’s something you wouldn’t want to happen, right?

If you’re in a hurry, dry your beard in front of an electric fan. In case you prefer to use a blow dryer, you may want to skip the flat iron. Exposing your beard to these two hot equipment will be a double whammy on hair damages. If you want to preserve the health of your beard, you have to be patient.

5. Don’t let it touch your follicles

When using an electric beard straightener, never let the hot plates touch your hair follicles. The extreme temperature will kill the shaft resulting in the wrinkling of the hair strands. If you’re lucky, you might only warp the hair follicles. But that would still result in problematic styling and a host of skin issues.

The key here is planning the way you iron your beard. Sectioning is important. If you’re not familiar with it, you can ask someone who has tried hair ironing before. Dividing your hair into parts will prevent overcooking some strands during haphazard gliding of the equipment.

6. Take it slow

Beard ironing isn’t a race. The more you hurry up, the more damage you’ll do on your mane. Just like shaving, you tend to force your skin which will result in burns, damaged follicles, and dried beard. Take your time and glide the clamps slowly along your mane. Also, don’t put too much pressure on the clamps to the point that it’s pulling your beard like mad.

electric beard straightener

If you’re a busy guy, schedule your beard grooming for at least 30 minutes after you take a shower. This will ensure that you will do the ironing right. If there are days you can’t manage such time allowance, it’s best to skip the ironing.

7. Get a small flat iron

Remember, you’re ironing your facial hair, not full-length, salon locks. It’s best that you purchase a compact equipment like the AmoVee Mini Flat Iron. This is a small and sleek option with narrower plates to suit your beard. It heats evenly and has 3D floating plates to avoid pulling your beard when gliding.

If you’re traveling or someone who wants a convenient tool, a flat iron like the AmoVee would be the best bet. In case you’re looking for a certain model, just remember one thing: never buy a steam flat iron. Using it is like ironing a damp beard.

An electric beard straightener is so far the most effective in taming frizzy and curly beards. However, it’s important that you practice caution when using it. Dryness and further curling may take place if you overdo the straightening or if you don’t follow some general rules.