Chemical Beard Straighteners And How To Use It Properly

By Jay

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Bad beard days are just the worse. Regardless if you have a short or long beard, unruly strands can make you look untidy and rugged. I’ve been promoting natural straightening methods for long, but I know that some manes are too unmanageable that it’s impossible not to use a chemical beard straightener. Products like these can tame even the curliest of fuzzes; however, it’s important to minimize the risk.

Chemical products can straighten the beard in an instant to make it more manageable. But before you dive into a straightening product, ask yourself these questions:

Is my beard always dirty?

No matter how hard you try to shield your beard from dirt, it will still get pretty soiled. And when your mane is too grimy, the strands will stick together causing it to appear curlier than usual. A nice wash might actually solve the problem and you wouldn’t need to use harsh chemicals.

Am I washing it enough?

In the same vein of being dirty, failing to wash your beard enough deprives it of hair softening ingredients usually found on shampoos or leave-in conditioners. Washing your beard regularly is a must. However, I want to ask a follow-up question here. Are you washing it the right way?

If you just rely on whatever drips down your beard during a shower, you’re not cleaning it properly. The skin beneath will suffer and a plethora of hair and skin issues will arise.

Is it really curly or just dry?

Before using a chemical beard straightener, it’s important to diagnose if your beard is naturally curly or if it’s too dry that it’s starting to kink. Dehydration can happen during extremely cold and hot days. The hair strands wither and curl up like a dried leaf. The appalling part here is that bearded guys mistake it for being naturally curly. They use chemicals products and heat that makes the situation worse.

chemical beard straightener

What is my vice?

Okay, your beard is your vice. But are you smoking? Drinking? Smoking is one of the main culprits to dried beards. The smoke wrapping the facial hair in every puff is filled with poisonous gasses that dry up natural oils. Even if you use a beard straightener, your mane will keep coiling.

Straightener shampoo

Your first and safest choice to beard straightening is a shampoo. A shampoo product with loads of moisturizing ingredients will help soften the beard. The strands will look straighter than before. However, be careful not to use shampoos with substances like paraben, laureth sulfate, and polyethylene glycol to name a few. These trigger skin irritations and dryness.

Don’t use too much shampoo in one washing. A quarter size amount is enough to lather all over your chin. Massage the frost in a scrubbing motion in different directions to remove grimes and dead skin. However, don’t be too forceful.

Rinse it twice to remove the remaining chemical beard straightener. Use warm water for the best results.

Beard oil

If shampooing isn’t enough to tame the hairy beast, apply a beard oil after washing. Beard oil products are usually formulated to be gentle on the skin and hair while providing enough moisturization.  There are plenty of oil options nowadays that suit a variety of skin and hair types. Be as natural as possible and pick one without artificial scents.

When applying the beard oil, put two drops on your palm and massage it all over your chin. Use a wooden comb to spread the oil all over the beard. You can add more if two drops aren’t enough to cover the entire fuzz. Anyway, I know that beard oils aren’t for everyone so a nice balm would be a great alternative.

Beard relaxer cream

If the first two solutions I laid out didn’t work its magic, we have to up the ante. A beard relaxer cream is widely used among bearded dudes who want an instant result. However, using a relaxer cream is different from shampooing alone. This chemical beard straightener is more abrasive and you have to be careful not to get it into your skin.

Once you have the cream, wear a pair of disposable gloves and start sectioning your beard. Apply the cream on each section but make sure that you finish it within 30 minutes. Massage the cream on your beard while wearing the gloves. Leave the cream on your beard for half an hour. After that, rinse it with water (no shampoo!).

Pat the beard dry then use a blow dryer. Once all the moisture is gone, you have to use a flat iron to smooth all the curls left. The final step is rinsing the beard with a shampoo to deactivate the cream.

chemical beard straightener

Homemade straightener

If you’re in doubt with some commercial chemicals, you can concoct your own straightener. One of the safest methods is using coconut milk and lime juice. Mix a cup of coconut milk and one tablespoon of lime then refrigerate it overnight. The next day, before you take a shower, apply the mixture to your beard and leave it for 30 minutes. Once done, wash the mixture with a sulfate-free shampoo and water.

The coconut milk has nourishing substances that naturally straightens the hair. Meanwhile, the added vitamin C from the lime juice promotes better scalp health. Applying this homemade straightener once a week will yield excellent results in a month or two.

But take note that this is just a mild straightener. It may not work for all beards no matter how you follow the steps above. Still, there’s no harm in trying since coconut milk and lime juice are typical ingredients in most beard products nowadays.

Opting for a chemical beard straightener is a matter of choice. It’s understandable that some curly beards can be a pain to tame. As long as you proceed with caution, nothing could go wrong. Just be prepared for the outcome and always check for the possible side effects.