The Truth Behind The Better Beard Club – Beard Boost Supplement [Full Review]

By Jay

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Beard growth supplements have taken the market by storm. A lot of men are so obsessed with their manly mane that they take supplements together with other hair growing regimen. It’s important to note that not all supplements will work for everyone, the main reason why there are varying formulations in the market. One of which is the Better Beard Club Beard Boost supplement that’s making raves for its promise of giving a full beard.

The number one goal of this supplement is to augment the nutrients you’re lacking with which is the usual cause of poor hair growth. It’s marketed toward men who want a fix for their patchy chin hair. If you’re wondering if this is actually the “Better” choice, read this full review.

The formula

The anchoring ingredient for this supplement is, of course, biotin. It’s an essential keratin support that initiates more hair growth and beard quality. All supplements that promise to give you a lush beard would have this component.

Aside from this, the Beard Boost formula is pretty simple and straightforward. It has vitamin B6, copper, calcium, niacin, silicon, horsetail powder, and pantothenic acid. Calcium and copper are known as “hair minerals” since it aids the production of more hair on the body. Meanwhile, the horsetail powder is widely known to bring hair growing effects through its silica content. It also has Selenium and other vitamins like E and A that add up to the formulation.

Better Beard Club

So does this formula works? First of all, this Better Club Beard Boost isn’t really far from the components of its competitor like the Beard Czar supplement. The good thing is Better Beard skipped the unnecessary ingredients that the former has. If you’re lacking the ingredients that the Beard Boost has, you’re going to experience the positive effects for sure. But from my point of view, the formulation isn’t one that will give its competitors a run for their money.

This supplement doesn’t use any pharmaceutical drugs in its formulation. It’s a good thing if you have issues about some medications.

What the manufacturers say

From what I observed, manufacturers of beard growth supplements are automatons. They have the same product premise that, although true, can be quite ambiguous for meticulous buyers. What’s clear is that they market this Beard Boost product for a thicker beard by starting with a healthy skin. It’s the possible reason why the formulation has vitamin E on it.

Also, the Beard Boost formula is said to manage the graying of the beard. If your problem is a grandpa-looking mane, they say that this supplement would be a guaranteed solution. But take note that smoking might hinder this benefit.

Overall, it’s the same, old promise of beard growth supplements. The Better Beard Club didn’t fail to warn us all that the statements they released aren’t reviewed by the FDA. Besides, almost all supplements nowadays aren’t approved by the FDA since they don’t promise any medical claims of treating an illness.

Also, the manufacturer claims that this supplement is “clinically-proven” to stimulate the growth of someone’s beard.  However, they fail to provide proof or any specific standards that the supplement was able to pass. Nevertheless, it doesn’t pose any health threat.

What the users say

Some users claim that the Beard Boost supplement is about three times more powerful than its competitor products. This may make you wonder. If it has almost the same ingredients as other supplements, how come that it’s more effective? It might stem from the concentration of other ingredients but aside from that, I can’t see any possible reason. Besides, the manufacturers claim that their supplement has higher biotin content than most of the competitor products.

Better Beard Club

One of the major issues about the Beard Boost supplement is its slow effect. Some users have to wait for more than four weeks just to see their stubble experience a substantial growth. Again, this may vary per user.

If you’re planning to take this supplement, learn from users’ experience. Take it with food. If not, you’ll just end up flushing the supplement off your body due to diarrhea.

The club membership

I’ve tried signing up as a member of the Better Beard Club only to be directed to the Provillus page. Provillus has a line of hair growth products from which the Beard Boost could possibly be included. There’s no sign-up landing page so it’s quite confusing as to how you can join their pool of bearded guys.

Also, I find it hard to land on any reference online about this club. I bet that this is yet to be established. If you’re interested, you can also perform your own research.


-Natural ingredients

-Reasonable price


-Shouldn’t be taken in an empty stomach

-The formulation isn’t unique

-The effects will take longer to show (about three months)

Side effects and indications

There’s no reported adverse side effect for this product. However, there are users who fail to achieve the promised benefits. Remember, not all people will have the same reaction to these supplements. It might not be the lack of some nutrients that are causing the slow facial hair growth. Other factors like underlying illnesses, genetics, and vices might cause the problem.


Overall, the Better Beard Club supplement is a good choice if you’re looking for a low-risk supplement. The formulation is all-natural and widely used in the beard growing world. From the looks of reviews and ingredients, this supplement will work but the results may vary. If the thing that hinders your beard growth is the nutrient deficiency, this supplement is guaranteed to provide a fuller mane.

If you have weak beard hair, this supplement will help due to its silica content extracted from natural sources. Just don’t rely on it too much.

In case all the supplements and other commercial hair growth solution aren’t working for you, I recommend that you consult a doctor. Your condition might need a medical intervention if the problem is complex.