Best Beard Oil For Growing Your Beard Without Any Allergies

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Essential oils are excellent, natural conditioners. We’ve seen the wonders of argan and coconut oil to transforming short tresses into a long and frizz-free crown. There’s no doubt that it can also do the same with your beard. The best oil for growing your beard can come in different types. Some use sandalwood, lime, jojoba, argan, or a mix of these. What matters is you define what suits your skin type.

Regardless if your beard experiences massive growth or not, using a beard oil will help in preventing breakage or grayness of the strands. This will make the beard appear thicker and shinier than the usual – a plus point in the grooming department.

Having the right beard oil to enhance your manly mane will allow the nourishment to seep into the pores. It will improve the elasticity of the hair and also ensure that the skin is in good condition. Using an oil conditioner is a good way to avoid the dreaded “beardruff” and dryness.

Here are some oil products guaranteed to smoothen your manly mane.

1. The Gentleman’s Beard Premium Oil

This Gentleman’s Beard Premium Oil is an excellent conditioner and moisturizer for the beard. It’s scent-free that’s best for dudes who have very sensitive noses. This is a blend of sunflower seed, evening primrose, argan, and jojoba oils together with added vitamin E for better skin. These essential oils are great for fighting off brittleness of the facial hair. Since it has skin-nourishing characteristics, the growth of your beard will also be enhanced.

best oil for growing your beard

As the best oil for growing your beard, it doesn’t form any residue or make the skin itchy. It comes in a small bottle with a dropper so you can easily apply it to your beard. It’s best used after taking a bath so your manly mane is fresh and free from dirt that can be easily locked into the pores accidentally. Take note that this oil will be absorbed deeply into your hair follicles so make sure to apply it with a clean beard.

If you keep modest on the amount of application, this oil wouldn’t be too greasy. About 5 drops a day will do here to see substantial results without having a runny serum dripping from your beard. You can massage it into your beard to prevent the occurrence of ingrown hair, thus more hair growth.

This works almost all the time, but to be fair, there are users who don’t experience any beard growth with this oil. Nevertheless, it never fails to keep the present beard smooth and soft.

2. Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil

Coming from one of the leading brands of beard oils, The Honest Amish is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a tried and tested regimen. It’s composed of eight different essential oils namely avocado, virgin pumpkin seed, moringa, sweet almond, apricot kernel, jojoba, argan, and kukui oils. All these work in moisturizing the beard hair especially if massaged into the area. Exactly the best oil for growing your beard.

best oil for growing your beard

This beard oil has a scent unique to the Honest Amish brands. If you’ve tried their beard balm before, it bears the same odor. For me, it’s not a big issue since the clove oil-like scent will soon wear off after a few minutes from application. Even if you have a sensitive nose, I guess this mild scent is worth the sacrifice since it will remove and cut the risk of dandruff, dry skin, scaling, and beard itch.

It’s best to apply this to a damp beard for easier massaging and absorption of the oils into the follicles. Like the oil from the Gentleman’s Beard, this one comes with a dropper for easy application. Aside from stimulating hair growth, this Honest Amish oil will tame frizzy beards. For just a small cost, you’re going to enjoy all these benefits.

Take note that this oil is viscous which is good if you’re not a fan of runny oils. It blends well with other balms without forming residues or clumping. It also pays to know that this oil is cruelty-free and doesn’t use any animal ingredient.

3. Bossman Jelly Beard Oil

The Bossman Jelly Beard Oil isn’t your typical beard treat. It comes in a viscous jelly form which makes it easier to apply without any mess or runny tendency on the beard. Since it has a thicker consistency, the oil bonds well with the hair and the follicles. The effect longer-lasting compared to the usual oils applied via droppers.

best oil for growing your beard

The Bossman oil is composed of ingredients including oils from soybean, castor, beeswax, avocado, sunflower seed, shea, and cocoa seed. It also comes with tocopherol which is a form of vitamin E set to nourish the skin. As the best oil for growing your beard, it comes in a larger bottle than most oil products.

This oil is scented and even comes in a variety of aromas including Magic, Hammer, Stagecoach, and Gold. The manufacturer picks the Magic scent if you’re attending special occasions. I guess this one has a more tolerable odor but it always depends on your preference.

If you have a long beard that’s coarse and cracking, this is a good choice for a moisturizer. Also, it will help in the growth of your facial hair but make sure that you apply it on a washed beard. Leaving a little dampness on the beard will make the jelly easy to apply. Aside from giving your beard some nourishment, it will also be an excellent styling product due to its nice hold. For almost the same price as the Honest Amish but with a larger amount, this oil is to die for.

4. Botanical Skin Works Lime Beard Oil

For those who are a bit cash-strapped, I recommend the Botanical Skin Works Lime Beard Oil. It’s cheaper than most beard oils but worth the try if you want an economical choice without sacrificing the quality. It shares the same ingredients with other high-end oil products including sesame seed, jojoba, rosemary, and sandalwood oils. The product also has a blend of tocopherol, West Indian Bay lime. Therefore, expect a citrusy aroma from this oil, something that’s refreshing after a bath for the best oil for growing your beard.

best oil for growing your beard

This Botanical Skin Works oil comes in 4-ounce bottles with which you have to use up to two drops a day. Massage it to your beard and mustache area to stimulate hair growth and tame frizzy strands. Since this has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, you can expect a healthier and dandruff-free beard. If there is left-over oil on your hand after application, you can simply glide it to your scalp so your crowning glory will also experience the added moisturizer.

As an organic oil choice, this product is free of parabens and other synthetic substances. You can choose the unscented version if you find the likes of bay lime overpowering. A lot of users find the citrus aroma too much to bear. Overall, this will work in making your beard long and smooth without being too greasy.

You don’t have to break the bank just to get a decent oil for your beard. This product is excellent for a fraction of the price of the most popular options.

5. St. Pierre’s Sandalwood Oil

If, again, you barely have the budget for decent beard oil, don’t miss the St. Pierre’s Sandalwood Oil. This is made of apricot kernel oil as well as a blend of jojoba oil, sandalwood oil, and Vitamin E. This basic formulation is best for guys who tend to have allergies with different plant extracts. The St. Pierre’s oil can be the best oil for growing your beard for dudes who are still looking for his first products to use.

best oil for growing your beard

This oil works for both the skin and beard at once so you have a nourished skin and a smooth and shiny beard without having to buy another product. Take note that this is scented, something that the manufacturer’s claim to be “manly”. What exactly that is, only in trying that you’ll know. Anyway, the Sandalwood scent might be too much to smell since it’s more vanilla-like than what it’s claimed to be.

It comes in a dark bottle with a glass stopper for longer shelf life and maintained potency. Also, it has a larger volume compared to other oil products. In fact, this 30 ml bottle can last up to a year if you use a maximum of two drops a day.

Just pop a few drops on your palm and massage it on your beard and mustache. It’s an all-in-one moisturizer and grooming product due to its nice hold and shine. However, avoid using too much or it will make your beard too greasy.

6. The American Beard Company Oil Growth

Unscented oils are gaining popularity since it allows the beard to look and smell natural. If there’s one brand that doesn’t fail bearded guys, it would be The American Beard Company. Their oil for beard growth is unscented and made from the finest combination of essential oils like sweet almond, hemp seed, and grape seed. A drop or two of this oil is enough to nourish the beard area for the whole day and stimulate the growth of new hair. The best oil for growing your beard, so far!

best oil for growing your beard

It can soften the beard and make it thicker, however, don’t overuse or the manly mane will look greasy. Aside from being scent-free, this is also alcohol-free to prevent the dryness that the latter might bring. Even guys with acne-prone and sensitive skin won’t have problems using this oil product. It’s also vegan and cruelty-free which makes it an excellent choice for your beard regimen.

This American Beard Company oil product comes in 30 ml bottles that can last for a long time given that you use a maximum of two drops a day. However, it goes off easy after a shower so you’ll have to re-apply in case you have to take a bath in the middle of the day.

Although it says ‘unscented’, there would be a little pleasant sniff on the substance. Nevertheless, it’s not that overpowering and will soon wear off during the day. Take note that this oil isn’t a good option if you’re looking for something that can help shape your mane. Still, it counts as the best oil for growing your beard.

7. Viking Revolution Beard Oil Conditioner

The Viking Revolution isn’t a newcomer in the beard growing scene. It’s a producer of many topnotch products including their beard oil conditioner that’s marketed to strengthen and soften the beard. By using this, you’ll have an itch and dandruff-free beard. You just have to apply it once a day to enjoy the long-lasting effect of a fuller beard.

best oil for growing your beard

This product is a humble blend of organic jojoba and argan oils that are known to turn frizzy hair to smooth locks. If you’re not satisfied with how this oil can beautify your beard, the sellers will give you a money-back guarantee. Sounds fair for the best oil for growing your beard, right?

The Viking Revolution oil is an excellent conditioner that will aid your hair growth regimen. Its consistency also helps in shaping the beard for grooming plus the shine that it gives. However, don’t expect that it will have the same hold as a balm. This is an unscented beard oil which is good for guys who don’t want any floral or citrus aroma on their mane.

If you have a bad case of dried beard, you might need more than two drops to keep the thing going. The only issue is it may tend to be greasy when stroking the beard or combing it. Make sure to apply it on a newly washed beard to avoid the build-up of mildew-like smell.

Have you found your choice of the best oil for growing your beard? Let us know your option below!