Is Beard Czar Worth Your Money? Here’s Our Take On Their Facial Hair Complex

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If you’ve browsed for your beard regimen in the past, you might come across the Beard Czar brand. They have a line of beard products including oils, supplements, combs, and their popular Facial Hair Complex. This famous product (which we’ll focus on this review) is a supplement said to nourish your beard from the inside out. It claims to support natural hair growth, but whether or not it’s true, Beard Czar reviews like this will help you know.

Ingredients and how it works

First, the biotin content is present to the Beard Czar product. It’s a staple of most hair growth supplement since biotin is known to initiate the growth of hair especially for those who have patchy spots. Unlike the Gentleman’s Beard Club product we’ve reviewed in the past, the Beard Czar has a more humble list of ingredients. It banks on vitamins A, C, E, as well as a few B-vitamins like niacin, B6, and B5.

But I beg to disagree that this supplement is nothing but a downgraded version of its competitor product – Gentleman’s Beard Club. This Beard Czar supplement comes with the “Hair Skin Nails Daily Complex”. It’s composed of horsetail powder, wheat germ powder, Garcinia cambogia, Forskohlii, coffee bean extracts, and Carullama powder.

Beard Czar reviews

However, I’m puzzled. The likes of Garcinia cambogia are known to be a weight loss agent. Its addition to this supplement doesn’t seem to be fitting unless you also target to lose some weight when paired with exercise. Aside from biotin and the B-complex vitamins, most of the ingredients here don’t necessarily improve hair growth unless you’re really lacking from it.

But it doesn’t pose any health threat either. If you’re really bent on taking this product, I can’t see any harm. It’s a dose of essential vitamins and you get the chance to increase your beard volume no matter what. Besides, the Beard Czar reviews have positive things to say.

Manufacturer claims

The manufacturers of the Beard Czar’s supplement claims that it’s formulated for “optimum beard potential”. This means that they foresee users to achieve a full-length, thick beard through the consistent ingestion of this supplement. It even claims a scientific research that using this product helped men transform their beard into a more attractive mane. “A right of passage” as the manufacturers call it. The “rooted from science” thing they claim can be true, but remember that as a supplement with no dietary claims, this statement isn’t examined by the FDA yet.

Biologically, the manufacturers say that the supplement will work by supporting the dermal matrix of the skin so more beard strands will sprout. And I think, based on its ingredients, there’s truth to this.

User claims

If the basis is online Beard Czar reviews of buyers, I can say that this supplement has a good standing. The results are noticeable for a lot of users, not to mention its affordable price for 30 capsules. Although most of its ingredients aren’t new for most hair growth supplements, what seals the deal is the Hair Skin Nail complex.  It aids not just the facial hair but also the crowning glory and the nails as well. Still, it will only work best if you’re truly lacking such nutrients in relation to your failure of growing facial hair.

When it comes to its standing among other supplements, I can say that Beard Czar is on top of the ranking shelf. It works well for patched beards and hard-to-grow stubble. It may not be the most affordable pill in the market, but there’s value for money here.

A lot of users claim that the result of this Facial Hair Complex product is unbelievable. That person might have grown a full wizard thing on.

How fast would the results show?

As per verified use, some beard enthusiasts saw substantial growth in just four weeks. And since most supplements have a compounding effect when taken regularly, the second month of popping this supplement has a brighter promise. For some, they recommend that you take the supplement up to eight weeks to grow a full-length beard. If you have fast reactions to supplements, you might achieve it for six weeks only.

Again, like any other supplement, the results would be varying. Even if you’re reading positive Beard Czar reviews, don’t put your hopes up too high.

Beard Czar reviews


-All-natural ingredients.

-Price is considerably affordable

-Positive feedback on efficiency


-The ingredients aren’t that exceptional but can be way better than what the Gentleman’s Beard Club has.

-The overdose of this supplement can cause liver issues due to the presence of Garcinia cambogia

-Beard Czar products are only currently available in the U.S., New Zealand, Canada, and Australia.

Side effects and indications

Since this is a known supplement, I can say that the side effects are minimized optimally. You wouldn’t be at risk if you take one pill per day. But if you have any allergies, take note that this supplement has coffee green extracts (caffeine) and a variety of powders that may trigger attacks. Consulting a physician is always the way to go if you have doubts.


Aside from being a prominent company of beard products, the Beard Czar reviews will tell how efficient their goods are. The Facial Hair Complex is a safe and promising solution to patchy beards. It works for a lot of people and I can say that there’s a big chance that it will be the same for you. Still, there’s a probability that it won’t. It’s a supplement, remember?

But regardless if you grow a beard fast enough or not, you’re winning with this supplement. It has the basics for hair growth and a lot more for your overall wellness.

One last word: If you’re purchasing the Facial Hair Complex online, be cautious about shady dealers. There are buyers who have been scammed by paying more than what they’re supposed to be. Make sure that you only sign up for the number of bottles you intend to buy. Anyway, this issue doesn’t reflect on the efficiency of the product.