Bald Patches In Your Beard Area? Here Are The Mistakes You’re Making

By Jay

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There’s nothing wrong with patchy beards. A lot of guys had gone through the same phase before they get their full Gandalf or Hagrid manes. Ingrown hairs and vitamin deficiency can sometimes cause poor growth of the facial hair. Although there are other reasons behind the bald patches in the beard, there are ways to fix the hair problem. A little more patience and you’ll finally be an awesome beardsman.

When you decided to grow your beard, you probably thought that it would be as effortless as you see it on TV. Well, you’ve been scammed. Growing a beard is mired with discomfort, but when you overcome it, boy, it’s worth all the hassle.

Why do some men grow patchy beards?

Patchy beards are the result of a number of conditions. The leading cause is a vitamin deficiency that deprives the hair follicles enough nutrients to produce keratin, the building block of body hair. A lot of men take multivitamins and have their beard problem solved.

Another possible reason for your patchy mane is poor skin care. When dead skin cells and dirt clogged the pores, acne breakout will take place. It will block the production of more hair, not to mention the discomfort. This can be fixed with proper hygiene and a reliable skin regimen.

The two reasons above can be treated externally. If you’ve tried everything and the beard remains patchy, you may need to consult your dermatologist. You might have a case of alopecia barbae. This is a sub-type of alopecia areata that happens in the beard area. It’s when the immune system attacks the hair follicles after mistaking it as a threat to the body. As of now, there’s no cure for this condition.

bald patches in the beard

However, it’s important to note that no beard grows uniformly and yours will be normally patchy at some point. Even those with lush hair will have those spots with fewer hairs. It’s just a matter of masking it up while waiting for the strands to sprout.

Mistakes that cause bald patches in the beard area

It’s important to acknowledge that genetics and biochemistry are two of the usual culprits for patchy manes. On the other hand, you might also be committing mistakes that took its toll on your beard area. Here are some of the guilty habits a lot of bearded men confessed to:

-Styling prematurely

I know that you’re itching to sport that suave beard, but if you really want to enjoy its fullness, wait a few more weeks before you start styling. If you notice a few patches, wear it with confidence. Even Keanu Reeves had gone through the same “rough patch” before achieving a thicker fuzz. A beard takes time to grow fully and some guys take longer than others. This is completely normal, so to speak.

If your beard looks thin right now, its volume can double in just a matter of weeks. Wait a little longer and you’ll thank yourself for being patient.

-Picking on ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs are the leading saboteurs to achieving a fuller beard. This is especially true to black guys since they have curly hairs and hyperpigmentation. Ingrown hair happens when the hair strand fails to come out of the follicle for some reason. It could be due to a layer of dead skin cells, coarse strands blocking the opening, or dirty skin.

As much as it feels relieving, don’t pick on your ingrown hairs. Scratching or tweezing will cause bruises and scarring that may kill the shaft and follicle. It will result in more bald patches in the beard area.

-Falling prey on product scams

There are a lot of products that promise to grow your beard fast. Not all of these are true to its promise. Don’t fall prey on empty marketing ploys like beard oils that can cure patchiness or conditioners that can induce more growth in a few days. Beard oils don’t stimulate facial hair growth. Although conditioners can, it will take weeks, if not months, before new hair strands become visible.

Nevertheless, there’s nothing wrong with using these products to keep your beard soft and manageable. Just beware of the frustration and false hopes it may bring.

-Not investing in skin care

I can’t stress it enough, but skin care should be a top priority when you’re growing a beard. The quality of your facial hair depends on your body nourishment as well as the condition of your skin. If you have a dry cutis, your beard strands will be thin and fried-looking. Moisturize your skin regularly and you’ll notice a big difference.

bald patches in the beard

The fix

Bald patches in the beard area can crush your confidence, but sulking won’t do any good either. Instead of contemplating about shaving it clean, you can try sporting a shorter beard style. This way, the patches won’t be too visible while you wait for it to sprout more hair.

Don’t forget to obsess about proper skin care. It wouldn’t hurt to practice a little more vanity when you’re growing a beard. This will ensure that your skin is in optimal condition to grow more strands. Invest on a beard kit containing a shampoo, conditioner, oil, balm, and a comb. These are basic staples for the beginner beardsman but your beard grooming doesn’t have to expensive. There are a lot of products out there that won’t cost you an arm and a limb to purchase.

Most of all, practice patience. Like how the trite saying goes, there’s joy in waiting. A few more weeks will allow your beard to grow naturally, and who knows, it might double on volume faster than you can imagine.

Growing a beard takes effort. If you want to have that polished mane that all guys would envy, you have to be patient. Endure the itchy and awkward phase of bald patches in the beard area and you’ll be awesome. Once you have a full wizard going on, we’ll be thrilled to hear from you!